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We Checked Out The Naruto Exhibition Happening In KL Until December 2023 [Review]

We Checked Out The Naruto Exhibition Happening In KL Until December 2023 [Review]

This exhibition is in conjunction with the anime’s 20th anniversary.

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Anime has earned a huge fanbase among Malaysians and many anime exhibitions have taken place since the start of the year.

In that list, the most awaited Naruto TV Animation 20th Anniversary Exhibition is officially open to the public at Pavilion Bukit Jalil.

Naruto is one of the biggest animes in the anime industry. Obviously, fans are excited and expectations are high. Especially considering the success of the previous Demon Slayer and One Piece exhibitions.

The exhibition was launched by Ministry of Tourism, Arts, and Culture officials; senior director Mohamed Amin Yahya and senior deputy director of domestic and events Jeffri Munir.

Pic Credit : Keran Raj/TRP

The event, which brings together Naruto fans from all around Malaysia, honours the anime series’ 20-year run.

Naruto Exhibition Highlights

We had the opportunity to visit the exhibition last Saturday (7 October). As we walked towards the entrance of the exhibition, we saw many fans who cosplayed their favourite characters from the anime series.

Some of the characters include Kakashi Hakate and Lady Tsunade. Many took the opportunity to get photographs with the cosplayers.

Pic Credit : Keran Raj/TRP
Pic Credit : Keran Raj/TRP

There are a total of 10 stations in the exhibition where fans can reminisce the highlights of the series. At the entrance are life-sized sculptures of Naruto and Kakashi Hatake. This is where a fan can fulfill their dream of taking a selfie with the 6th and 7th Hokage of the Hidden Leaf Village.

As you walk along, there will be multiple screens showcasing iconic scenes from the anime. Visitors can take their time and watch each of the scenes reminisce Naruto’s journey.

Pic Credit : Keran Raj/TRP

The next highlight of the exhibition is the Debut of the sage mode. Here, you will be able to see a large cut out of Naruto’s entrance after mastering Sage Jutsu which was entrusted to him by his sensei Jiraiya.

Pic Credit : Keran Raj/TRP

This iconic entrance resembles the start of the iconic battle between Naruto and one of the Akatsuki members known as Pain who is also a student of Jiraiya Sensei.

You will also be able to witness a large cut out of the Father and Son Battle where Naruto and Minato fought together hand in hand in the Ninja War. This image of the battle together with Kurama is based on the life philosophy of Yin and Yang.

Pic Credit : Keran Raj/TRP

The next highlight is the Mangekyo Sharingan. A separate station is dedicated to this and you can see the Sasuke with Mangekyo Sharingan. You will also be able to witness a childhood memory of Sasuke with his brother Itachi here.

Pic Credit : Keran Raj/TRP

The main highlight of the exhibition is the final battle in the valley between Naruto and Sasuke. There is a monitor screen that showcases the scenes from the battle and a huge cut-out of both during the battle.

This battle is the most significant in the anime as it represents the friendship between both the characters and also fulfills the promise that Naruto made to Sakura.

Pic Credit : Keran Raj/TRP

At the end of the exhibition, fans of Naruto will be mesmerized by the original sketches of Masashi Kishimoto, the creator of Naruto. This is where you can see the creation of some of the characters from scratch. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for fans to appreciate the amazing creation of Kishimoto.

Visitors can also try some of the interactive games in the exhibition which includes the Virtual Reality game.

Pic Credit : Keran Raj/TRP
Pic Credit : Keran Raj/TRP

With all of these highlights, however, the exhibition did not seem to meet the expectations of fans as many elements were not covered.

Jiraya Sensei could not be found in the exhibition which is a big letdown as he played a major role in the life and growth of Naruto.

We felt that more work should have been put into the exhibition. Other than that, it is a fun and nostalgic experience for the fans.

Tickets for the exhibition start at RM68 or RM98 for the combo (Exhibition Ticket + VR Ticket) and can be purchased online or at the ticket counter.

Tickets for children under 12 are priced at RM28 and RM48 (combo).

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