We’re not trying to create a panda-monium but we’ve got some good news for you..

Zoo Negara’s newest panda cub has been named!

Meet Yi Yi, the second Malayisan-born giant panda.

Picture Credit: Bernama via Malay Mail

She was born in January last year, to parents Xing Xing and Liang Liang, giant pandas who were loaned to Malaysia for 10 years by China.

The name Yi Yi was chosen for this pandastic 19-month old as it meant “friendship”, perfectly embodying the 40 year diplomatic ties of Malaysia-China.

A sleeping Yi Yi
(Picture Credit: @zoonegaramalaysia/Facebook)

Yi Yi currently weighs 50kg, growing nicely on a diet of mostly milk supplemented with bamboo leaves.

When Yi Yi was born, Dr Mat Naim Ramli Zoology, Veterinary and Giant Panda Conservation Centre director, remarked that she was a friendly, talkative little thing.

“It is quite surprising. She says: ‘Shalah, shalah shalah.’ I think she is communicating with us.”

Dr Mat Naim Ramli Zoology, Veterinary and Giant Panda Conservation Centre director via The Star.

Her elder sibling, Nuan Nuan was returned to China after frolicking in Malaysia for two years.

Picture Credit: @zoonegaramalaysia/Facebook

Meanwhile, Yi Yi will be in Malaysia for four years. So if you want to catch sight of this cutie, you better do it soon!

If you need convincing, we’ve left some pictures of the bamboozled panda cub for you to enjoy 🙂

Yi Yi’s 1st birthday celebration

Picture Credit: @zoonegaramalaysia/Facebook

Yi Yi & Mom, Liang Liang

Yi Yi just hanging out

Picture Credit: @zoonegaramalaysia/Facebook
Picture Credit: @zoonegaramalaysia/Facebook
Picture Credit: @zoonegaramalaysia/Facebook

Yi Yi enjoying some cuddles

Picture Credit: @zoonegaramalaysia/Facebook

Yi Yi with her cuddle budy

Picture Credit: @zoonegaramalaysia/Facebook

BONUS: Yi Yi struggling to climb up things

(Baby panda is quite the ‘talker’)
(Second giant panda born in Malaysia named Yi Yi)
(Malaysia, say 'Ni hao' to panda cub Yi Yi)

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