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Indomie Toastie an “Absolute Banger” down under

Indomie Toastie an “Absolute Banger” down under


The humble Indomie we all know and love is now one of “Sydney’s Best New Sandwiches of 2019”.

It’s also No. 1 on Buzzfeed’s “11 Outrageous Things You Can Actually Eat In Sydney You’ll Want To Photograph First”.

“Toastie God’s” Dutch Smuggler, are the genius behind this some say simple, some say mother of, mashups.

Ooey gooey melted cheese, Indomie, spicy mayo and a runny fried egg sandwiched between two crusty slices of bread makes for an instant hit.

Say it with me, uuumami!

Safe to say mi go-reng places! Hopefully we’ll be seeing this in mamaks real soon.

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