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Elle & Vire Fuses French Cuisine With Malaysian Flavours

Elle & Vire Fuses French Cuisine With Malaysian Flavours

These dishes were made with Elle & Vire dairy products and were tailor-made for the Malaysian palate.

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Safe to say that because of the diverse range of cuisines in this country, Malaysians can adapt to multiple flavours. In fact for most of us, bland is not even in our dictionary.

To enhance our taste buds even further, Elle & Vire introduced a fusion of French cuisine and Malaysian cuisine using their dairy products.

Elle & Vire

Photo by: Keran/TRP

Elle & Vire Professionnel is a globally recognised, classic French dairy brand that is renowned for their expertise in butter and cream since 1965.

Recently, the brand invited us to experience a blend of French and the multifaceted flavours of Malaysian culture.

Pandan Mango Choux

Photo by: Keran/TRP

Among the chefs who collaborated with Elle & Vire was brand ambassador Chef Chong Ko Wai who is also the founder of C3-Lab.

The “Architect of Cakes” owns @breadpitt on Instagram, and we must say that we appreciate the clever wordplay.

Chef Chong created a refreshing dessert known as Pandan Mango Choux using Elle & Vire All Purpose Butter.

Photo by: Keran/TRP

While it may look like a simple dessert, it has six components that bring out the refreshing sensation in one bite.

The components are Pate Choux, Craquelin, Mango Compote, Coconut Chantily, Pandan Chiboust and Pandan Panna Cotta.

Photo by: Keran/TRP

All these components fused together made the bite feel heavenly.

Pasta with Creamy Rendang Sauce

Photo by: Keran/TRP

This dish was prepared by Chef Jason Manson from Sabah. Chef Jason has worked with established chain brand hotels in Beijing, Melbourne, and Singapore.

He also had the privilege of cooking for royalties and celebrities. Despite his vast experience, Chef Jason prepared this dish in a simple manner, so anyone can attempt it at home.

This dish is the primary example of the French and Malaysian palate fusion.
Although at first many might be sceptical about the flavour profile of the dish, by just taking a bite, all their suspicions will fly out the window.

It is a simple dish but the flavours of rendang mixed with the classic pasta is nice.

The highlight of this dish is that the coconut milk usually used in rendang is replaced with Elle & Vire Excellence Cooking Cream.

Photo by: Keran/TRP

Three bakeries also presented their desserts and pastries which were made from Elle & Vire dairy products.

Suka Dessert, Gula Cakery, and Chef Kecik served Almond London, Mix Berry Pavlova, and Mushroom Rendang Filling Croissant.

Photo by: Keran/TRP

Malaysian And French Cuisine Fusion

According to Chef Chong, fusing Malaysian flavours and French flavours is not an easy task. This is because both flavour profiles are the exact opposite.

However, since Malaysians are open-minded with their palate, the task has become less of a burden.

When it comes to desserts, French cuisine prioritises the sweetness while Malaysian cuisine prioritises balancing the sweetness.

Thus, finding the middle ground to merge both flavours was a hard task to complete, but once it was done, the flavours are exceptionally good.

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