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Indomie Indonesian Or Malaysian? Netizens Debate Origin

Indomie Indonesian Or Malaysian? Netizens Debate Origin

Instant noodle was first found in Japan and later the same concept was used to create Indomie.

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Food wars between countries is a common thing.

The latest one is the debate of whether Indomie is Indonesian or Malaysian.

The debate broke out on Twitter when a user, @reaawakekzaK jokingly remarked “For your wrong information: Indomie is from Malaysia.”

Another account @neohistoria_id later shared a photo of an Indomie packet that said “Product of Malaysia”, captioned: “Indeed Indomie is from Malaysia.”

While it is a known fact that Indomie is Indonesian, the tweet sparked a rather funny exchange between Malaysians and Indonesians.

Some explained that Indo Food, the company which produces Indomie has manufacturing factories in other countries like Malaysia and Türkiye.

Meanwhile, others joined the debate asking if Indomie was from Malaysia then why is it not named Malaymie.

The concept of instant noodles was first found in Japan in 1956 by an entrepreneur, Momofuku Ando.

The inspiration to create the instant noodles came to him when he saw people in worn-out clothing queueing to get fresh “ramen” noodles from a stand on a chilly night on the streets littered with debris.

The instant noodle revolution began in 1971 when Ando introduced instant noodles in a styrofoam cup, heating utensils, and bowls.

The simplicity of the process, combined with the cheaper price point due to more efficient food manufacturing methods, made Cup Noodles a global phenomenon.

In the later years, Indonesia’s Salim Group launched the instant noodle brand Indomie in 1972, initially offering only one flavour – Kaldu Ayam.

Despite initial doubts about its potential as a staple food, Indomie’s affordability, ease of serving, and durability led to rapid growth.

In 1982, Indomie introduced Mi Goreng, a new flavour based on a fried noodle dish in Southeast Asia.

Pic Credit: Indomie official website

Currently, Indomie, a pioneer of instant noodles in Indonesia, is one of the largest manufacturers globally. With 19 billion packs of instant noodles produced annually, Indomie is a globally popular flavour.

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