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FamilyMart Malaysia Creates New Menu Just For Single People

FamilyMart Malaysia Creates New Menu Just For Single People

The single menu hilariously pokes fun at single individuals for their ‘singleness’

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FamilyMart Malaysia has just come up with a menu just for single people. Following the recent release of its couple menu, the convenience store has now released its ‘single menu’ for its single customers.

As seen on their Instagram, the single menu comes with its offerings. Customers can order a range of food and drinks, from Japanese Oden to Sofuto milkshakes. But what has caught the attention of netizens about the menu is the items’ names. 


The Japanese oden, for example, was named “Perut Bunyi” (Stomach Growling). The Sofuto milkshake, on the other hand, was named “Mengidam” (Salivate). 

Our favourites are these three items: Corn Sausage – “Kena Friendzone”, Sofuto – “Rasa Lonely”, and Frappe – “Feeling Gwenchana”. 

“Remember to order them with the actual item names”, captioned the store on the post for Instagram. 


In on the joke 

Since the release of the menu, the internet has been applauding the company for coming up with hilarious names for the items. Many found them adorable and hilarious and were keen on getting their hands on them. 

One user wrote, “Can I get the ‘Feeling Gwenchana’ and ‘Healing’ along with one ‘Rasa Lonely’.” 


Another user, @syasyascarlett, wrote “Finallyyy. Nak ‘Healing’ satu”


While other users like @farahfyaa found the menu extremely cute. “Hehe so cute of them to make a menu like this,” commented the netizen. 


One for the love birds 

While their latest menu is dedicated to their single customers, their previous Girlfriend/Boyfriend menu was for their customers who were in a relationship. 

The menu was meant to solve the problem of deciding where to eat since couples sometimes find it difficult to decide. 


The items on the menu, similar to the single menu, had hilarious names. The corn sausage, for instance, was called ‘I Don’t Know Leh’. Their brown sugar bubble milk tea was called ‘Anything Je’. 

Our favourites were the names for the onion cream cheese bagel and cheesy rose tteokbokki. The first item was simply named “Har../?” and the second was dubbed “You Decide Lar”. 

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