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[Review] Just How Pedas Is KFC’s “Extra Hot & Spicy” Chicken?

[Review] Just How Pedas Is KFC’s “Extra Hot & Spicy” Chicken?

The new Extra Hot & Spicy chicken is actually quite different from the regular Hot & Spicy chicken.

Anne Dorall

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There’s a new spicy chicken in town, from KFC itself. Touted as “Extra Hot & Spicy”, they boasted a new spicy marinade to keep the chicken extra crispy and spicy.

Additionally, they’ve also come up with the Kentang Goncang, which pairs their Crispier Fries with a new hot & spicy seasoning.

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The Taste Test

The Extra Hot & Spicy chicken, at first glance, seems to be quite similar to the usual Hot & Spicy flavour. Both have a crispy outer coat, except that the Extra Hot & Spicy one is much more orange-reddish in colour.

It actually does look redder than the regular Hot & Spicy flavour.
(Credit: TRP)

But is it really very much spicier? Not really.

(Writer’s note: The Extra Hot & Spicy chicken actually IS quite spicy. It was quite unfortunate that I ate the Kentang Goncang before the chicken, which really dulled the spice. However, if you eat the chicken on its own, it does pack quite the punch.)

However, it does actually taste different, as in there’s a different flavour profile to the Extra H&S than the regular H&S. KFC has said that they use a different marinade for the Extra– and it shows.

The chicken has also been double-dredged so the crispy flour coating is slightly thicker and crispier. Those who enjoy thicker, extremely crunchy chicken skin would definitely enjoy it.

Fries plus seasoning make for an addictive flavour bomb.
(Credit: KFC/TRP)

The Kentang Goncang comes with a serving of their fries, a pack of seasoning, and a lined paper bag for you to shake it all up.

A tip: make sure you do this quickly. Stand away from fans and open windows, shake out the seasoning powder deep in the bag, and close up the paper bag quickly. The powder is quite irritating if it gets into your nose or mouth, and you will not have a good time.

However, once you’ve shaken the fries all over with a generous coat, you will find that the seasoned fries are actually extremely delicious. The flavour is just right, and it actually is quite spicy!

The Verdict

While it’s not extremely spicy (by no means do you need to “mentally prepare yourself” for it or prepare a cup of milk), the spice does build up after a while.

It’s impressive that they changed up the preparation of this chicken from the marinade to the coat, which is quite a feat. They could have just tossed spicy powder on the regular Hot & Spicy chickens and called it a day.

The Kentang Goncang, however, is spicier than the chicken, so if you just want to scratch that mouth itch, give the fries a shot. The Kentang Goncang is available a la carte as well.

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