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Fact Check: KFC Did Not Mock Israel-Palestine Conflict With Tent Advertisement  

Fact Check: KFC Did Not Mock Israel-Palestine Conflict With Tent Advertisement  

KFC Antigua’s #NoTentsJustChicken posting sparks fresh calls for boycott.

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A recent social media uproar targeted KFC for its slogan “No Tents, Just Chicken,” igniting calls for a boycott. Many interpreted it as insensitive to Palestinian refugee camps, sparking widespread anger.

The situation unraveled in Antigua as the posting was made by KFC Antigua.

It all started when a local governmental organisation, the Antigua Public Utility Authority (APUA), had its tent stolen from an event.

This sparked an inside joke within the country, with APUA announcing their desire to retrieve the missing tent. Various businesses, including Antigua’s KFC, have been discussing the incident on social media.

Here’s a breakdown of the actual events, albeit bad timing:

  • APUA’s tent was stolen.
  • North Coast Hardware made a Facebook post throwing shade at APUA.
  • In response, APUA posted on Facebook.
  • KFC commented that they couldn’t assist with the tent, suggesting that North Coast Hardware might be able to help.

However, the context of this jest focused solely on a local incident but was lost when it was viewed through a global lens.

Local government magnifying a minor issue became the crux of the joke. Yet, despite its localized nature, netizens misconstrued the situation and called out KFC for perceived insensitivity, particularly amidst ongoing global events, notably in Gaza. 

This misunderstanding was exacerbated by the use of the hashtag #Antigua.

The tendency to assume that everything on the internet, regardless of its origin or context, is somehow interconnected and relevant to a single issue is perplexing. 

Even when additional context is provided, some individuals persist in interpreting events through the lens of their own concerns, attributing perceived missteps to “bad timing” or “bad taste.”


This knee-jerk reaction is not helpful to the cause. This narrow viewpoint fails to consider the diverse contexts and nuances present in global online conversations.

While it is important to raise awareness, it is also important to educate yourself, your friends and family. 

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