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These 8 Ads Perfectly Capture The Essence Of Hari Raya

These 8 Ads Perfectly Capture The Essence Of Hari Raya

If anything, they’re guaranteed to keep you entertained during the long ride back to your kampung.

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As Hari Raya draws near, we’re greeted with captivating narratives that offer us a glimpse into the essence of this cherished festival. 

These stories are more than commercials. Woven with threads of tradition, family, and reflection, they serve as windows into the human experience. 

From tales of reconciliation to celebrations of cultural richness, let’s dive into some of the most compelling and memorable Hari Raya ads of 2024!

Julie’s Biscuits

If you thought Inception was meta, this incredibly cool A.I.dilfitri ad from Julie’s Biscuits gives Nolan a run for his money. Watch this beautiful and timely ad that prompts us to examine our biases and how, ultimately, the power to shape the world is in our hands.


Watch how one little girl’s mission to uncover where her mom keeps all her duit raya ends in a heartwarming tale of reconciliation and gratitude. Plus, discover how Boost’s Misi Raya rewarded her and her family in the process!

MR. D.I.Y.

Get your tissues ready! MR D.I.Y’s Raya ad will have buckets of tears streaming down your face. This story reminds us that a mother’s sacrificial love is unparalleled and even a lifetime of repayment barely scratches the surface.

Taylor’s University

What happens when a man decides to be a stay-at-home husband and his wife is the breadwinner of the family? Watch this Taylor’s ad that challenges stereotypes and puts all the gossiping relatives’ mouths to rest. 🤭


Petronas is synonymous with some of the best festive ads we’ve seen and this year they’re not setting the bar any lower. Petronas’ Salam from the Heart serves as a poignant reminder to not lose sight of the significance of a tradition just because it has become familiar to us. 


Time stands still in this moving ad by KFC that encourages us to cherish every bond we have with the people we love and that no one we lose truly disappears, for they live on through the legacy of their actions, lessons we’ve gleaned from them, and the values we impart to the next generation.


Plot twist: The students have become the master! Watch this remarkable story that follows Cikgu Saresh’s Ramadan experience as his 9-year-old students teach him the real meaning of patience and embracing the spirit of togetherness.


We don’t need to search far and wide for inspiring people. This ad by BSN is based on a true story of real Malaysians who sought to share their blessings and joy with others to make their Raya a memorable one. After all, isn’t that what Raya is all about?

(Credit: Julie’s Biscuits via YouTube)

In a whirlwind of colour, culture, and creativity, these ads have truly left a lasting impression. Until next year’s festivities, may the joy of Aidilfitri continue to resonate in our hearts and homes, reminding us of the beauty of tradition and the power of storytelling. 

TRP wishes you and your loved ones Selamat Hari Raya!

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