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Raja Permaisuri Agong Shares Her Halwa Maskat Tutorial On Instagram

Raja Permaisuri Agong Shares Her Halwa Maskat Tutorial On Instagram

Tasneem Nazari

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Aside from being known for her warmth and down to earth demeanour, Raja Permaisuri Agong Tunku Azizah Aminah Maimunah Iskandariah is also known for her love of cooking.

In fact, she has an Instagram account dedicated to her cooking called airtangan_tunkuazizah which is filled with satisfying images and videos of various dishes and cooking tutorials.

Raja Permaisuri Agong Tunku Azizah’s Instagram is a foodie’s dream. (Credit: airtangan_tunkuazizah)

Recently, she shared the traditional process of making Halwa Muskat a.k.a Muscoth Halwa, a sweet dessert originating from Sri Lanka and very popular in Southern Tamil Nadu.

This sweet is made from a combination of wheat milk, coconut milk and sugar. The wheat is kneaded into dough and then soaked and ground until the wheat milk can be extracted. The mixture is then left overnight to allow it to separate and thicken.

Halwa Muskat is a local favourite in Malaysia, especially during festive seasons.

Tunku Azizah uploaded a seven-part video of her process while being assisted by a royal palace chef. She shows how she kneads the dough and then soaks and rinses it in a bowl of water to remove its gluten.

As a follow up to the tutorial, she also posted an image of the wheat milk in a covered pot with a label saying “absolutely no touching and do not push or pull”.

Consider this a warning to everyone. Do not touch or move this pot or else I will pull your ears and rap your fingers.

Tunku Azizah via Instagram

Her followers praised the royal for her obvious patience in making such a complicated dish, with some commenting on how they never knew how difficult it was to make this sweet.

Comments on Tunku Azizah’s post. (Credit: Instagram)

Many also voiced how excited they were to see the completed dish once it was ready.

We recommend that you follow Tunku Azizah’s Instagram for more yummy pictures and tutorials. Though, do be warned that if you’re fasting, this Instagram account will definitely get your tummy rumbling.

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