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Mala hotpot lovers can now enjoy China’s top restaurant in KL (Pictures)

Mala hotpot lovers can now enjoy China’s top restaurant in KL (Pictures)

Anne Dorall

Hotpot lovers are in for a treat as Chuanxi Bazi, China’s #1 hotpot brand, is now serving delicious Szechuan-style hotpot in Cheras, KL.

Though there are many different Szechuan-style hotpot restaurants in the area, Chuanxi Bazi stands out as the official “Chinese Hot Pot” brand as awarded by the China Cuisine Association (CCA).

Chuanxi Bazi in Sunway Velocity, Cheras.
The menu is clear with prices and cooking times printed with the dishes.

Their mala soup base is strongly recommended (naturally) with a combination of either the tomato soup base for a sweeter taste or the mushroom soup base for a savoury taste.

We opted for the mala soup base paired with the tomato soup base.
The sauce bar allows you to mix your own ingredients.
If things get too spicy, their complimentary sesame oil dressing helps to take away the heat. Add it to your specialty sauce mix.
Time to eat!

We started off with an appetizer: the Crispy Fried Pork. It was certainly delicious, crisp, and non-oily. It felt like a mala party in your mouth as it is fried with a helping of Szechuan peppercorn.

Crispy fried pork
Two-flavour shrimp paste
Imported beef tripe
Pork ball with quail egg

Chaunxi Bazi’s signature mala soup base has been boiled for 24 hours with only the freshest spices and chilies. As such, the soup base is very flavourful while packing quite a lot of heat.

The mala was hot and numb, but not overwhelmingly uncomfortable, which was a nice change from the multitudes of mala restaurants that serve unflavourful spicy food.

Though deliciously numbing from the generous amount of peppercorn used in the soup base, the spiciness catches up with you after a while, so be prepared and pace yourself.

If you need a break from the spice, the aromatic and salty tomato soup does a wonderful job of giving your taste buds a little respite.

The ingredients served were wonderfully fresh and tender. They all paired nicely with the soups as well.

Chuanxi Bazi also has a house specialty: their own yoghurt which is lightly sweet, creamy, and immediately soothes your mouth and stomach from the spice.

Strongly recommended to ensure you won’t need to visit the toilet after your meal.

All in all, Chuanxi Bazi immediately stands out for its aromatic soup bases. Though a little pricey, the quality of the food is certainly worth it. Try their house specialties for a satisfying dining experience!

Chuanxi Bazi
2nd Floor, V03A-02-02, Sunway Visio Tower (V03A), Lingkaran SV, Sunway Velocity,
Jalan Cheras, Maluri, 55100
Open 11am-11pm daily

They are currently running an opening promotion so bring your friends and family to enjoy a fat discount!
2 pax- 10% off
3 pax- 15% off
4 pax- 20% off
5 pax- 25% off
6 pax- 30% off
7 pax and up- 40% off

PS. If you need tissues to save yourself from embarrassment the spiciness, their tissues are “hidden” in a little drawer under the table so you don’t have to flag down the waiters.

Hidden drawer for tissues!

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