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Penang restaurant makes Musang King durian burger, Malaysians freak out

Penang restaurant makes Musang King durian burger, Malaysians freak out

Kirat Kaur

Tis’ the season to be smelly, durian-lah lah lah lah lahhhh

Yes, friends. Durian season is upon us. The best time of the year, the most wonderful time of the year when your papa comes home a with sack of aromatic gifts. It’s basically Malaysian Christmas lah.


But for *some* reason, people just can’t leave our precious durian alone. First McDonald’s released a durian McFlurry. Then Ikea went a little nuts with durian frappes, durian tarts and a durian cendol cake.

Well, strap in durian fans because a Penang restaurant has decided to give us Malaysians something we never ever asked for…

Musang King durian burger

Picture Credit: @ricsburgermy/Facebook

Yes, durian burger exists thanks to a burger restaurant in Bayan Lepas, Penang called Ric’s Burger.

Picture Credit: @ricsburgermy/Facebook

Made with the king of the King of Fruits, Musang King, the burger
consists of a breaded Musang King & mozzarella cheese patty and topped with
a melty paste of durian and cheese.

Picture Credit: Penang Foodie/Facebook

Sounds… um.. interesting..


The durian burger abomination went viral after a popular blog site, Penang Foodie shared the news.

Of course, whenever someone messes with Malaysian food, especially durian, it prickles a lot of people on the internet. And we mean A LOT.

Picture Credit: @fettenelezza2/Twitter

Translation: I like burger. I like durian. But this is offensive.

Screenshot via Facebook

Screenshot via Facebook

Translation: Oh my god, durian burger. Whaaaaaatttt.

Screenshot via Facebook
Screenshot via Facebook

Clearly, this is a thorny issue.

So, are you willing to try the burger or stick with the SS2 durian

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