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Outrage As Asian Favorite Durian Featured In Swedish Disgusting Food Museum

Outrage As Asian Favorite Durian Featured In Swedish Disgusting Food Museum

A recent video from a Swedish blogger’s visit to the Disgusting Food Museum in Malmö has sparked outrage among Asians, as the beloved durian fruit was featured alongside other “unappetising” foods worldwide.

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In a shocking display of cultural insensitivity, Sweden’s Disgusting Food Museum in Malmö has included the beloved Asian fruit, durian, in its exhibit of unappetizing foods from around the world.

The museum, which specializes in showcasing foods that may be considered disgusting by some, has drawn the ire of many Asians who are puzzled and offended by the inclusion of durian on the list.

A recent video uploaded by a Swedish blogger on Instagram has brought the controversy to light.

The video showcases the museum’s unique ticket stubs, designed as vomit bags.

It features a range of foods from various countries, including bullwhip from China, fruit bat soup from Guam, guinea pigs from Peru, and bed bugs from Zimbabwe and South Africa.

A Durian Dilemma: Asian Netizens Raise a Stink Over Fruit’s Inclusion in Disgusting Food Exhibit

However, the presence of durian in the exhibit caught the attention of many Asian viewers.

The blogger even had the opportunity to taste the fruit, describing it as having a smell reminiscent of onions but a taste similar to mangoes.

The video has sparked a heated debate among netizens worldwide, with many Asians passionately defending their beloved durian.

The fruit’s popularity has soared in recent years, with premium varieties like Musang King and Black Thorn commanding high prices in the market.

These sought-after durians can cost an arm and a leg, especially overseas, reflecting the growing demand and appreciation for the “King of Fruits” in Asian countries.

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Comments such as “Why is durian on the list?” and “Durian is not disgusting at all” have flooded social media platforms, highlighting the deep cultural significance and appreciation for the fruit in many Asian countries.

According to the Disgusting Food Museum’s official website, durian was included in the exhibition due to its notorious strong and pungent smell.

The description of the fruit’s odour as a mixture of rotten onions, raw sewage, unwashed, smelly socks, or even the smell of dead cats has left many Asians feeling misunderstood and disrespected.

A Clash of Cultures: Durian’s Scarcity and Stereotypes in the West

Westerners have long disdained the taste and smell of durian, often finding them overwhelming and off-putting.

This cultural divide has led to numerous instances of misunderstanding and even outright bans on the fruit in public spaces across Western countries.

The scarcity of durian in Western countries further compounds the issue, as many Westerners have limited exposure to the fruit and may not fully appreciate its unique flavour profile.

The lack of availability and familiarity with durian in the West has contributed to the persistence of negative stereotypes and misconceptions surrounding the fruit, making it an easy target for inclusion in exhibits like the Disgusting Food Museum.

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