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Foreign Worker In Malaysia Amasses Over RM300,000 In Savings, Igniting Local Discontent

Foreign Worker In Malaysia Amasses Over RM300,000 In Savings, Igniting Local Discontent

A chance encounter at an ATM reveals a Bangladeshi worker’s substantial savings, sparking discussions on foreign workers and economic impact in Malaysia.

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During a routine assistance at an ATM in a convenience store, a Malaysian was astounded to find that the foreign worker he was helping had saved a significant sum of money.

The foreign worker, who had approached the local for help withdrawing RM6,000, also requested to check his account balance, which displayed over RM300,000.

The local said it made him feel marginalized in his own country.

This account balance is noteworthy considering the general perception of foreign workers often occupying low-wage jobs and living frugally.

The discovery has led to discussions on how foreign workers accumulate such savings and the broader implications for local workers and the economy.

Some claimed that it was because the Bangladeshis lived a modest and thrifty lifestyle, using public transportation and consuming only rice with gravy and vegetables, something the locals could not do.

Foreign workers in Malaysia have been a point of contention, with some locals unhappy about the competition for jobs and perceived impacts on wages.

Moreover, issues arise with unlicensed economic activities and tax avoidance, particularly among illegal immigrants.


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Balancing Act: Protecting Workers’ Rights in Malaysia

The government has been grappling with these challenges, seeking ways to balance the need for foreign labour with protecting local workers’ interests.

In response to such concerns, the government has considered implementing a savings scheme for foreign workers, allowing them to withdraw their savings only after returning to their country of origin.

This proposal aims to ensure that migrant workers leave Malaysia upon the expiration of their work permits, addressing the problem of overstaying.

However, recent investigations into cases of migrant workers left jobless and without passports highlight the vulnerabilities this group faces.

Such incidents underscore the need for better regulation and protection of foreign workers’ rights while maintaining fair opportunities for local citizens.

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