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Police Corporal Pleads Not Guilty To Rape Of Minor And Extortion

Police Corporal Pleads Not Guilty To Rape Of Minor And Extortion

The suspect is accused of raping, having unnatural sex without consent, physical sexual abuse and sexually assaulting a minor.

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A police corporal has pleaded not guilty to four charges of raping and robbing a private college student on 9 January.

Muhammad Fazrul Razzi Yunus, 31, has been charged with multiple offences.

These include raping, performing unnatural sexual intercourse without consent, using an object during sexual assault and sexual assault of a minor, a 17-year-old Uzbekistan female teenager in a patrol car on the side of Persiaran Saujana Ampang at 10.30 pm.

He is charged with each offence under Sections 376(1), 377, 377CA, and 14(a) of the Penal Code.

Bail Decision and Conditions

During the proceedings, Deputy Public Prosecutor (DPP) Nor Azizah Mohamad proposed that the accused be granted bail of RM20,000 for each charge.

The DPP also proposed that the accused be subjected to additional conditions, including not disturbing the witnesses, surrendering their passport to the court, and reporting to the nearest police station once a month.

However, lawyer G Visvanathan Nair, representing Muhammad Fazrul, objected to the proposed bail amount, stating it was too high.

He added that the defendant is a police officer, so there is no risk of fleeing, and he has fully cooperated throughout the investigation.

He also requested that bail be granted at the minimum rate because his client suffers from nerve and muscle conditions and needs to support his wife and two young children, as well as his elderly parents.

Judge Norshila Kamaruddin set bail at RM20,000 for all four charges in court.

Suspected Extortion Incident at Ampang Hillview

Muhammad Fazrul was brought to the Magistrate’s Court alongside another colleague, Constable Muhammad Adib Aikal Shahrul Nizam.

Both were accused of extortion, causing fear to a male college student by threatening to disseminate a video recording of him being intimate with his girlfriend unless he paid RM500.

The alleged extortion took place in Ampang Hillview.

They are charged with an offence under Section 384 of the Penal Code, read together with Section 34.

Both officers pleaded not guilty and were then allowed bail at RM4,000 each.

The accused were also ordered not to approach any witnesses or victims until the end of the trial.

At the same time, they were directed to report themselves at their local police station once every month.

The mention and case transfer dates for the Sessions Court and Magistrate’s Court charges are set for 12 March.

Trial by the Court of Public Opinion

The choice not to enter a guilty plea has led to significant dissatisfaction among online users, with some stating that it is unsurprising.

Some expressed that the case is straightforward and that the two suspects should accept responsibility.

Recent incidents involving the police have also contributed to public discontent.

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Meanwhile, others have expressed that it’s unfair for the entire force to bear the blame because of a few bad apples.

At the same time, some have cautioned netizens to be mindful of their comments about the police, as making baseless accusations could lead to their arrest.

The police are frequently accused of prolonging investigations or displaying bias toward their own when, in reality, they operate based on the orders of the public prosecutor and the court.

The public is reassured to believe that the rule of law will triumph, especially in cases that have gained widespread attention, and the era of the police protecting their kind is a thing of the past.

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