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Lazada Alumni Rally To Support Colleagues Post Layoffs

Lazada Alumni Rally To Support Colleagues Post Layoffs

In an inspiring act of camaraderie, the Lazada alumni network hosts an employment event to uplift colleagues affected by regional layoffs.

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In a remarkable display of solidarity, former employees of Lazada in Malaysia have organized an offline job matchmaking event to support their colleagues affected by the recent spate of layoffs across the region.

The event, characterized by a spirit of unity and hope, is set to facilitate new beginnings for those impacted by the job cuts.

Lazada, a prominent e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia, has recently undergone significant workforce reductions.

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The job matchmaking event, spearheaded by the Lazada alumni network, is not just a networking opportunity but a testament to the enduring connections formed within the company.

It is scheduled for 17 January at Momentum Commerce in Kuala Lumpur.

For additional details about this event and to find out how you can contribute or participate, please get in touch with Luca Suino at or call +60 17 360 3822.

From Layoffs to Opportunities: The Rise of Lazada Alumni’s Job Support Event

Over 400 job roles from over 20 companies have been pledged, with organizations like AirAsia, Zalora, and L’Oréal stepping forward to offer positions.

It is expected to be a beacon of hope for many, embodying the ethos “Once a Lazadian, always a Lazadian.”

This initiative is particularly heartwarming when the global economy faces uncertainties, and layoffs are becoming more common in the tech industry.

The move by Lazada alumni is also mirrored on social media platforms like LinkedIn, where job offers are being extended to those affected.

Lazada’s Staff Reductions Send Ripples Across Southeast Asia

Lazada’s history in Malaysia has been marked by significant milestones since its inception, including its acquisition by Alibaba in 2016, which positioned it as a heavyweight in e-commerce.

The acquisition, initially for 51% and later increased to 83%, positioned Lazada as a heavyweight in the e-commerce industry.

The layoffs at Lazada indicate the volatile nature of the tech industry, where rapid growth can sometimes be followed by abrupt downsizing.

Owned by the Chinese giant Alibaba, Lazada has been a key player in the digital marketplace, revolutionizing online shopping in the region.

However, the layoffs have come as a shock to many, with reports suggesting that the downsizing is part of a broader regional strategy due to financial pressures faced by Alibaba.

The retrenchment at Lazada in Malaysia preceded a substantial downsizing in Singapore.

The retrenchment at Lazada in Singapore reportedly impacted many employees, causing worry among the workforce.

The Singapore government intervened to support Lazada’s retrenched workforce, with the Digital Industry Singapore (DISG), a joint government office, offering assistance during the transition period for the affected employees.

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