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Parental Indifference: Resistance To RM50 PTA Contributions

Parental Indifference: Resistance To RM50 PTA Contributions

Teacher Mohd Fadli’s Facebook post on parental engagement in PTAs sparks widespread discussion on social responsibility towards educational support.

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In a revealing social media post, Mohd Fadli Salleh, a Malaysian teacher and internet personality, has ignited a national conversation about the state of Parent-Teacher Associations (PTAs) in the country.

His Facebook post, “10 Sad Facts About the Parent-Teacher Association,” highlights a concerning trend of parents’ disengagement in supporting their children’s schools through the PTA.

Mohd Fadli notes that parents from lower-income backgrounds often contribute to the PTA’s annual fund of RM50 despite their financial constraints, sometimes opting to pay in RM10 monthly instalments.

Conversely, he observes a reluctance among more affluent parents to make this modest contribution.

The lack of funds has tangible effects on school facilities, with PTAs struggling to replace necessities like broken desks and fans.

Mohd Fadli emphasizes that the requested donation amounts to saving just 14 sen a day over a year—a small sum to enhance their children’s educational environment.

PTA Participation: Bridging the Gap for Better Education

Despite the critical role PTAs play in supplementing school resources, Mohd Fadli points out that only 30% to 40% of parents contribute, with many perceiving the donation as optional compared to mandatory tuition fees.

This discrepancy becomes starkly apparent when aid is distributed; nearly all parents are present to collect aid for their children but are conspicuously absent from PTA meetings.

Mohd Fadli also addresses accusations of fund misappropriation within PTAs, clarifying that all expenditures are audited and require approval at membership meetings, including the signatures of the chairman and financial director.

The teacher’s post also highlights the irony that those who often question the use of PTA funds are usually the ones who did not contribute.

He urges parents to attend PTA meetings, noting that teacher attendance often surpasses that of parents, yet the absentees later question the decisions made.

In closing, Mohd Fadli appeals to all parents to support their PTAs to improve their children’s education and future, stressing the importance of collective responsibility and involvement.

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