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[Watch] Near-Miss On Highway As New Car Fails, Manufacturer’s Response Criticized

[Watch] Near-Miss On Highway As New Car Fails, Manufacturer’s Response Criticized

The vehicle, which was only a few months old, left the driver and his passenger in a vulnerable state amidst high-speed traffic.

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A driver’s recent narrow escape from a potentially fatal highway incident has raised serious concerns about vehicle safety and manufacturer accountability.

The driver, Lawrence Hiew, took to Facebook to detail the harrowing experience involving his new Toyota Vios sedan.

Hiew reported that while driving from Kuala Lumpur to Pagoh, Johor, on Christmas Day, the car, bought only a few months ago, unexpectedly lost power, and all dashboard warning lights turned on.

Despite the high-speed traffic on the express lane, quick reactions from the following vehicles averted a disaster.

My girlfriend and I were in utter panic as we were in the express lane travelling at 110 km/h. The sudden loss of acceleration left us vulnerable to fast-approaching buses and lorries. Thankfully, they managed to slow down and pass us without causing an accident.

Hiew describing the unexpected loss of acceleration which left him and his girlfriend vulnerable on the express lane.

Hiew signalled distress with hazard lights and the car horn while manoeuvring the powerless car to safety.

It was not until 8 p.m. that a tow truck arrived to remove the vehicle from the scene.

The car dealership claimed no faults could be detected the following day, yet an error code was recorded.

Driver’s Ordeal Sparks Concern Over Vehicle Reliability

His subsequent communications with Toyota headquarters have been met with what he considers an inadequate response—a service voucher and no assurance against future malfunctions.

The driver’s post, which included video evidence of the breakdown and the email correspondence with Toyota customer service, has been widely shared, prompting an investigation by the manufacturer into the incident.

Toyota’s headquarters has assured that they will look into the matter and coordinate with the relevant dealerships to address the issue appropriately.

However, this assurance has done little to quell concerns among Malaysian drivers about vehicle reliability and corporate responsibility in addressing potential defects.

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The incident led to others sharing their negative experiences.

Inez Lim, a netizen, faced a problem with her vehicle when something fell near the tire.

Despite reporting it for inspection, the service centre claimed there was no issue despite the noise.

It was particularly frustrating that the issue was dismissed without resolution after being called back for a check at the Desa Tebrau service centre.

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