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Mass Rally With One Milion People Planned in Kuala Lumpur In Support of Palestine

Mass Rally With One Milion People Planned in Kuala Lumpur In Support of Palestine

The goal is to register 1,000 NGOs and mobilise 1,000 mosques to join the coalition known as Perhimpunan Sejuta Rakyat.

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In a significant demonstration of solidarity, Malaysians from all walks of life are expected to gather in Kuala Lumpur on 24 February for a large-scale rally supporting the Palestinian cause and calling for an immediate end to the conflict in Gaza.

Organized by a coalition of Malaysian civil organizations, transcending racial and religious lines, the “Himpunan Sejuta Rakyat Untuk Palestin” (Million Rally for Palestine) aims to voice the Malaysian public’s strong opposition to what they describe as “crimes against humanity” and “war crimes” committed by Israel with the backing of the United States.

Malaysia Consultative Council of Islamic Organisations (Mapim) president Mohd Azmi Abdul Hamid said the rally is set to reflect global sentiment against the actions of Israel, with similar protests having taken place in major cities worldwide since the outbreak of the latest Gaza war.

He said protesters are urging the United Nations to take swift action to halt hostilities and ensure that humanitarian aid reaches the victims of Israeli aggression.

The plight of Palestinians in Gaza is being highlighted as a measure of the international community’s moral and humanitarian standards. We express deep concern over the lack of global response to the violence that has reportedly resulted in the deaths of thousands, including children and women, and the destruction of numerous mosques.

Mapim president Mohd Azmi Abdul Hamid on the plight of Palestinians in Gaza.

Criticism has been levelled at Israel for its continued offensives, including attacks carried out on Christmas Day, which have gone unchecked by international powers.

The rally aims to challenge the perceived inaction by the United Nations and the political protection afforded to Israel by the United States, said Mohd Azmi.

Mapim president Mohd Azmi Abdul Hamid (right) speaking in a dialogue with Palestinian leaders in Kuala Lumpur. (Pix: Fernando Fong)

Unity in Action: Malaysia’s Stand for Palestine

At the same time, the rally organizers seek cooperation from local authorities to ensure the event proceeds peacefully.

They call for mass participation from various societal sectors, including NGOs, community groups, students, mosque members, trade unions, religious figures, professionals, celebrities, political activists, and business leaders.

Mohd Azmi said the slogan “We are all Palestinians” encapsulates the message of unity that the organizers wish to convey, positioning the Israeli-Palestinian conflict as not just a regional issue but a global humanitarian concern.

He also reiterated Malaysia’s unified stand against Israel’s actions and called for the immediate restoration of rights to the Palestinian people.

The upcoming rally is expected to be one of Malaysia’s largest expressions of support for Palestine, reflecting a growing trend of international solidarity movements.

McDonald’s Malaysia vs. BDS Movement: The Clash of Corporate and Social Activism

In Malaysia, there has been a significant movement to boycott American and Israeli brands as a form of protest against Israel’s policies towards Palestine.

This has included well-known brands such as McDonald’s.

The Boycott has largely organized the boycotts, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement, which aims to apply economic pressure on Israel.

In response to these boycotts, McDonald’s Malaysia has taken legal action against the BDS movement.

READ MORE: Pro-Palestine Group BDS Malaysia Faces Legal Challenge From McDonald’s Malaysia

The fast-food chain filed a lawsuit claiming that the BDS movement’s calls for a boycott were “false and defamatory statements” that negatively impacted its business operations and reputation.

The lawsuit has faced criticism from various quarters, with some netizens expressing discontent with McDonald’s Malaysia’s decision to sue BDS Malaysia.

McDonald’s Malaysia is reportedly seeking damages due to the alleged loss of revenue due to these boycotts.

The legal action by McDonald’s Malaysia highlights the tension between corporate interests and social activism, particularly regarding international issues such as the Israel-Palestine conflict.

This lawsuit has garnered attention and has become a point of discussion in the public sphere, with various responses from Malaysian citizens and organizations.

Furthermore, the BDS movement has responded to the lawsuit, urging an escalation of the boycott against McDonald’s, as indicated in a tweet by the official BDS movement account.

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