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Pro-Palestine Group BDS Malaysia Faces Legal Challenge From McDonald’s Malaysia

Pro-Palestine Group BDS Malaysia Faces Legal Challenge From McDonald’s Malaysia

Gerbang Alaf Restaurants has requested BDS Malaysia to retract damaging statements, post an apology to McDonald’s Malaysia, and cease any actions that harm the company’s reputation.

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Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS Malaysia), a grassroots movement standing in solidarity with Palestinian rights says they are facing legal action from McDonald’s Malaysia.

The non-governmental organisation (NGO) told The Rakyat Post that Gerbang Alaf Restaurants Sdn Bhd, the licensee of the global fast-food chain McDonald’s in Malaysia, issued a legal notice and a statement of claim to them last month.

The notice, among others, was to compel the NGO to cease all activities that destroy the reputation of McDonald’s Malaysia.

This document was sighted by The Rakyat Post, and Gerbang Alaf Restaurants also demanded a retraction of the libellous contents by BDS Malaysia against them and an apology.

Gerbang Alaf Restaurants said they discovered these statements on various online platforms, including the official Facebook page of BDS Malaysia and the personal Facebook account of Professor Dr Mohd Nazari Ismail, its chairman.

Gerbang Alaf Restaurants requested the removal of statements deemed defamatory and damaging to the reputation and image of McDonald’s Malaysia.

The legal notice also addressed concerns over published statements allegedly influencing the public to boycott the business.

In gist, Gerbang Alaf Restaurants gave BDS 24 hours at the time to comply with the letter of demand.

In a statement today, BDS Malaysia said they received a writ of summons from McDonald’s Malaysia, and staunchly denied any actions of defamation as claimed by the fast-food giant.

“We have therefore decided to let the court decide on the matter.

“BDS Malaysia has engaged the services of legal firm Raja Riza and Associates. After consulting with our lawyers, we will issue a more detailed statement,” it said.

As the matter escalates to the courts, BDS Malaysia reassures supporters and the public that further details will be forthcoming once consultations with their legal team have concluded.

The Rakyat Post has reached out to McDonald’s Malaysia’s public relations’ representatives for comment.

Activism and Enterprise Clash: The Battle for Voices and Values

BDS Malaysia, led by Mohd Nazari, has been a vocal proponent of the Palestinian cause, urging the public to consider the implications of their consumer choices.

Their recent statements, intended to shed light on the struggles faced by Palestinians, have stirred the pot, leading to a call for a boycott that McDonald’s Malaysia suggests could tarnish their reputation.

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A Beacon of Generosity Amidst Boycott Controversies

In the dynamic landscape of corporate responsibility and amidst the fervent activism on the Palestinian issue, McDonald’s Malaysia is also engaged in community service.

In October, McDonald’s Malaysia contributed RM1 million to the Palestine Humanitarian Fund in the Prime Minister’s Department – a gesture reflecting their solidarity and support for Palestinian welfare.

Navigating Identity and Integrity in a Complex World

Amidst the calls for boycotts and the scrutiny of its operations, McDonald’s Malaysia has taken a clear stance to clarify its position.

The company has unequivocally stated that it is not affiliated with the Israeli government in any capacity.

This declaration is a critical component of McDonald’s Malaysia’s narrative, as it seeks to separate its philanthropic identity from the geopolitical complexities associated with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

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McDonald’s Malaysia has reiterated its status as a 100% Muslim-owned entity, a significant declaration amidst the current social awareness and consumer activism climate.

The ownership, which lies entirely in the hands of Gerbang Alaf Restaurants since 2017, underscores the company’s alignment with the values and expectations of its predominantly Muslim customer base in Malaysia.

McDonald’s Malaysia, through its ownership by Lionhorn Pte. Ltd., a member of the reputable Reza Group of companies from Saudi Arabia, has distanced itself from any associations with the Israeli government or policies.

The company has proactively aligned with Islamic principles and contributed to Zakat payments annually, reinforcing its commitment to Islamic charitable values.

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