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Controversy Over “Merry Christmas” Ban On Cakes: JAKIM Clarifies Stand

Controversy Over “Merry Christmas” Ban On Cakes: JAKIM Clarifies Stand

Bakeries holding JAKIM’s Halal certification are permitted to write “MERRY CHRISTMAS” or any religiously themed words on cakes for customers to take home, but not for display.

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Amid a recent social media uproar, there have been discussions about the reported ban on using the phrase “Merry Christmas” on cakes.

This comes after a memorandum supposedly from Berry’s company dated 14 December, titled “Not Allowed To Write The Word of Merry Christmas or X’Mas On Cakes.”

In response to this issue, the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM) has intervened to clarify.

Establishments holding Malaysia’s Halal Certification (SPHM) are not restricted from displaying celebratory messages on cakes or similar items.

The department encourages all SPHM holders to seek guidance from JAKIM or the State Islamic Religious Departments (JAIN/MAIN) if there are any uncertainties regarding Malaysia’s halal certification.

They are encouraged to stay tuned to JAKIM’s official communications channels for more updates and clarifications on trending halal issues.

It is important to note that JAKIM prohibits premises with halal certification from displaying the phrase “Merry Christmas” on their products, with the risk of revoking their halal certification for non-compliance.

Bakeries with JAKIM’s Halal certification can inscribe “Merry Christmas” or any religiously themed words on cakes for customers to take home, but not for public display.

Outrage Over Cake Greeting Controversy

Amidst the uproar over the restrictions on cake greetings, netizens have expressed their discontent, urging others to boycott Berry’s and seek alternative bakeries.

The issue has sparked questions about the implications of religious greetings on food items in Halal-certified premises, with one netizen highlighting the potential challenges of incorporating diverse religious greetings on cakes.

In a show of resilience, the netizen emphasized openness to receiving cakes adorned with religious greetings, emphasizing that their faith remains unwavering despite the controversy.

At the same time, netizens advise against disseminating false information and propagating negative perceptions that could impact religious harmony.

They emphasize the importance of responsible communication and avoiding actions that could stoke tensions or misrepresent religious beliefs.

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