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Student Demands RM3,000 Salary And Incentives For Internship 

Student Demands RM3,000 Salary And Incentives For Internship 

The student made the demands to the company even before sending in their resume and portfolio.

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Interns generally are given a lower salary for their contributions in the workplace. This is because interns have a lighter workload as compared to permanent employees. Hence, netizens were surprised to know about a recent demand made by a student.

As per the Facebook post, the student had expressed interest in doing an internship with a graphic design company, KF Design. 


In the email, the student explained that they were looking for an internship placement and was keen to work for the company. But while the student showed interest, the student decided to first share their demands before applying. 

“I am interested in applying for an internship at your company. Could you please confirm if your company provides any of the following: Grab transport incentive, room for interns to stay, breakfast and lunch incentives, performance bonus, and intern salary of above RM3,000.” 

“If so, I would be happy to send you my portfolio and resume,” concluded the student. 


The design company, as expected, did not comply with the student’s requests, asking the student to apply elsewhere. 

However, they took this as an opportunity to highlight how some undergraduate students can be unrealistic with their expectations.

Too much to ask?

As per the comment section, many agreed with the company, stating that the student was being delusional with the expectations. One user wrote, “Wow this is beyond imagination.” 


Another user, Goh Khai Jein, jokingly told the student to “keep dreaming”. “Our company offer you a pillow, so you can dream as much as you want,” wrote Goh.


Whereas other users were surprised and curious to know if interns can make requests when applying for internships. 


How much do they usually make?

The amount an intern makes depends on the company, field, and duration of the internship. Generally, they are paid RM400 to RM1,500 per month. 

Companies in bigger cities like Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya are known to pay their interns a higher salary as compared to those in rural areas. 

That said, there are cases where interns do not get monetary compensation for their services during their time in the company. 


Since they are not covered under the Employment Act 1955, companies are technically not obligated to cover the expenses of their interns during their placement. 

However, entities in the government like Youth and Sports Minister Hannah Yeoh have urged for policies that encourage private companies to pay their interns. 

They are still in the midst of discussing the pros and cons of implementing the rule in the private sector.

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