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Chinese Community More Likely To Comply With Ransom Demands

Chinese Community More Likely To Comply With Ransom Demands

One possible reason for targeting Chinese Malaysians is the perception that they may be more likely to comply with ransom demands or fall victim to scams.

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In a recent development, it has been revealed that fraudulent syndicates are employing new tactics to deceive Chinese and East Malaysians, with a focus on using “piglets” as a means of exploitation.

Azirul Shafiq, a representative of the Malaysian International Humanitarian Organization (MHO), shed light on the distressing situation faced by seven Malaysians who were trapped in Myanmar.

They have recently managed to escape and safely return to Malaysia.

According to Azirul, these individuals were coerced into working in Myanmar under false promises.

Shockingly, they were treated as commodities, referred to as “piglets,” and subjected to electric shocks.

The perpetrators demanded ransom payments from the victims’ families, but even after the payments were made, the victims were not released.

MHO General Secretary Datuk Hishamuddin Hashim clarified that the MHO’s role was limited to providing intelligence information during assistance.

It was the victims themselves who made their escape from Myanmar.

Raising Awareness about Tactics Used by Syndicates

Azirul further highlighted that fraud syndicates primarily target Chinese and East Malaysians due to certain factors.

Firstly, they believe that the Chinese community is more likely to comply with ransom demands.

This could be due to cultural factors or assumptions about their financial capacity to meet such demands.

Secondly, East Malaysians are often unfamiliar with the tactics used by these syndicates in human trafficking and overseas work scams.

Many Malaysians Remain Trapped

This alarming revelation underscores the need for increased awareness and vigilance among Chinese and East Malaysian communities regarding employment scams and human trafficking tactics.

However, it is essential to recognize that many more Malaysians remain trapped in these fraudulent schemes.

Fraud syndicates, with their sophisticated tactics, continue to exploit vulnerable individuals, luring them into false job opportunities or subjecting them to human trafficking.

These criminal networks prey on the hopes and aspirations of their victims, often promising lucrative employment prospects or a better life abroad.

Trapped in unfamiliar environments and facing coercion and exploitation, these individuals find themselves trapped in a cycle of abuse.

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