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Pigging Out: Malaysian Tourists Narrowly Escape Shady E-Hailing Driver In Bangkok

Pigging Out: Malaysian Tourists Narrowly Escape Shady E-Hailing Driver In Bangkok

Upon the five passengers’ entry into the car, the e-hailing driver proceeded to make phone calls to report their presence and situation to other individuals.

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Five Malaysian tourists recently had a harrowing experience while returning from Bangkok, Thailand.

The group used an e-hailing taxi to travel to Don Mueang International Airport, but they had an unsettling encounter with a driver who aroused their suspicion.

The car’s windows were tinted, and the driver was making secretive phone calls, informing someone on the other end about their movements.

One of the group members, who could speak Thai, overheard the conversation and realized that the driver was suspected of carrying ‘piglets’ to sell.

“Piglet” in Cantonese is a derogatory term historically used to refer to people who were sold into slavery.

They had a concerning encounter with the driver, who was suspected of engaging in the transportation of piglets for sale. (Pix: Facebook/China Press)

The group became alarmed and tried to stop the car when they noticed discrepancies between the journey time on Waze and Google Maps.

The driver became agitated and claimed they could not park there as the police would catch them.

He then offered to take them to a gas station five minutes away, which was non-existent.

They realized they were in danger and quickly exited the car on a busy main road.

While stuck in traffic, they seized the opportunity to retrieve their luggage from the back and flee. (Pix: Facebook/China Press)

Importance of Observing Drivers’ Behavior and Using Map Applications

One of the victims shared her experience on Facebook, warning others to be vigilant when travelling and to choose local taxi drivers whenever possible.

She also advised people to open map applications and carefully observe drivers’ behaviour.

The victim shared details about the driver and recounted how she and her friends narrowly avoided being sold as piglets, warning others about the potential dangers of using e-hailing services. (Pix: Facebook/China Press)

The victim’s intention in sharing her experience is not to cause panic but to encourage people to be cautious and prepared for unexpected situations.

She hopes to remind others to stay alert and approach everything cautiously to protect themselves and their loved ones.

The incident, reported by Malaysian Chinese news media, highlights the importance of staying alert and aware of one’s surroundings while travelling.

It also underscores the need for travellers to take precautions and exercise caution when using e-hailing services or other forms of transportation in unfamiliar places.

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