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Anwar’s Biography, “Anwar Triumphs” Hits Bookshelves Nationwide 

Anwar’s Biography, “Anwar Triumphs” Hits Bookshelves Nationwide 

The book chronicles Anwar’s sensational journey to becoming the Prime Minister of Malaysia.

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Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim has just launched his autobiography, Anwar Triumphs. The book, which was written by Australian criminal lawyer Mark Trowell KC, follows Anwar’s sensational journey to becoming the nation’s prime minister. 

This includes the various monumental moments in Anwar’s political career such as his journey in rising above his persecution to navigating GE15’s hung parliament outcome. 

Anwar Ibrahim

“The book brings back memories, both bad and good. It is a contemporary account of events before memories become foggy,” said Trowell, during the book launch yesterday. 

As to why the book needed to be written, Trowell explained that Anwar’s story needed to be told and updated, especially since the Reformasi movement had to struggle to overcome what he labelled as an authoritarian government. 

“Who would have foreseen that someone who had so many setbacks and spent more than 10 years in jail would now be a Prime Minister,” Trowell asked. 

Anwar Ibrahim

Anwar’s wife, Datuk Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail was also mentioned in the book. Trowell paid tribute to her for her instrumental role in Anwar’s political journey. 

“The Prime Minister could not have done what he did without his wife’s support. That is why this power couple is pictured on the front cover of the book,” he said. 

Aside from Anwar’s political career, the book also talks about his reluctance to make Tun Dr Mahathir Mohammad the prime minister back in 2018.

Anwar Ibrahim

It also unveiled the downfall of the Pakatan Harapan government and the tumultuous political aftermath. 

“This may well be my last book but then again, Malaysian politics is so unpredictable, anything can happen,” said Trowell. 

The book is available at all major bookstores nationwide. 

Fourth book 

This is not the first time Trowell has written on Anwar’s political career. Anwar Triumphs indeed marks his fourth book on his observations surrounding Anwar’s career in politics. 

Anwar Ibrahim

He had previously touched on Anwar’s sodomy case back in 2012 in his book, Sodomy II: The Trial of Anwar Ibrahim. It was also the backbone for his 2015 memoir, The Prosecution of Anwar Ibrahim: The Final Play. 

Trowell then wrote about Anwar’s release from prison in 2018 in his third book, Anwar Returns: The Final Twist: The prosecution and release of Anwar Ibrahim. Trowell has since stated that Anwar Triumphs may be the last book on Anwar’s saga. 

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