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A Year Of Dating Expenses Amounts To RM4,610 – Think Twice Before Falling In Love!

A Year Of Dating Expenses Amounts To RM4,610 – Think Twice Before Falling In Love!

A man anonymously shared his dating expenses on Facebook, revealing that he spent RM4,610 on his girlfriend in just one year.

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A man said he spent RM4,610 on his girlfriend just one year after they fell in love.

Having spent money, energy, and brainpower, he would like to advise people who have always wanted to get out of being single.

The man anonymously wrote on a Facebook page and uploaded an Excel screenshot with a text to share the expenses he and his girlfriend spent during their relationship, which attracted the attention of netizens.

According to the post, the man pointed out that if he dated at home, he could save a lot of money, but he and his girlfriend had just started dating for a year, so it was not suitable to go to each other’s homes, so they met once a week.

Typically, the couple prefers to go out for dinner and dessert during their dates.

Furthermore, they reserve the fourth week of each month for entertainment activities, which may include watching movies.

The man also said he paid for the dinner, while his girlfriend paid for the desserts and entertainment activities.

If there is a special holiday in the month, the expenses will increase, and he will pay for the entertainment activities on that day.

He also pointed out that the purpose of this post is to let single people read it and not always think about the sweetness of someone’s love.

Love on a Budget: Unveiling the Costs and Comments on Dating Expenses

Based on the attached picture in the post, it can be inferred that the man’s “love expenses” amount to approximately RM280 in a month without special holidays.

However, if there are special holidays, the cost increases to RM530.

This includes weekly dates costing RM50 to RM60, extra surprises every month of around RM50, and gifts costing around RM200 during special festive months.

Some netizens criticized the man for being “stingy” as he calculated the expenses of his relationship so precisely.

Some netizens commented that dating costs were “okay” or “cheap”.

They even joked that they could have fun together eating instant noodles and scrolling through their phones!

In addition, some netizens made a humorous remark that if the man was so precise about his relationship expenses, he might be able to recover his money when he breaks up with his girlfriend.

Men Asking Women to Pay First Sparks Controversy

In a recent social media trend, discussions about men asking women to pay for expenses during dates have gained traction.

Women have shared their experiences of going on dates with men who insist they pay first, citing their inability to show vulnerability in front of women as the reason behind this behaviour.

This trend has sparked a debate about gender roles and expectations in dating.

According to several tweets, some women have encountered situations where men specifically request that they pay for meals or movie tickets during dates.

While it is important to note that not all men exhibit this behaviour, these anecdotes have shed light on a cultural aspect that some women have experienced.

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