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Former Shuttler Shares Advice After Costly Medical Bill – Don’t Ganjiong While Eating Fish

Former Shuttler Shares Advice After Costly Medical Bill – Don’t Ganjiong While Eating Fish

Tan Boon Heong fortunately did not suffer any internal injuries from the incident.

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Former badminton player Tan Boon Heong had a very unlucky evening yesterday. Not only did he experience a traumatic health incident, but the former athlete also had to fork out an incredible sum for the medical bill.

According to his post on Facebook, the 36-year-old was dining at a local restaurant for dinner. He had ordered a dish of steamed fish which cost over RM34.


But since he was rushing to head somewhere, he ate the fish quickly and accidentally swallowed a fish bone. 

Immediately after realising this, he rushed to a nearby hospital to remove the bone out from his throat. The treatment was successful and Tan was lucky to not have suffered any internal injuries from the episode. 

He did, however, suffer a financial toll as the treatment cost him RM1,498.60. Tan humorously described the incident as financially damaging. 


“Go to hospital to remove fish bone RM1453.60 + RM45 = hancur,” wrote the Kedah native. 

Luckily for him, Tan had insurance to back him up. His insurance agent was indeed with him to handle and cover the matter for him. 

His takeaway from the incident? Tan advises his followers and friends to only order a fish dish when they have the time to properly indulge in the serving. 


“Don’t eat fish if you are in a hurry. If you want to eat fish, keep calm.” 

Words of relief 

Since posting about the incident on Facebook, many of Tan’s followers have expressed their relief over the matter. Users were relieved and pleased to know that he did not suffer any side effects from the episode. 

But though they are happy for Tan, many did not miss out on the opportunity to make light of the incident. One user joked how the fish was someone he had a beef with in his past life. And that the fish was now looking for revenge. 


Another jokingly commented that he sticks to sardines from now on, since their bones are fragile and edible. 


While another playfully urged the player to dine in his home whenever Tan feels like having fish. He playfully said that he would not only properly cook for him, but also carefully remove all the bones out from the fish. 


But jokes aside, we are glad to know that Tan is safe. But we hope his experience will serve as a reminder for everyone to be careful when they are eating a fish. 

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