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Rabbits Abused In KL Cafe? TikToker Slams “Useless Parents Of Devil Spawns”

Rabbits Abused In KL Cafe? TikToker Slams “Useless Parents Of Devil Spawns”

The young customers were supposedly yelling at the bunnies and forcefully handling them.

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The Rabbit Cafe in Kuala Lumpur has been criticised for not carefully monitoring its rabbits during its operation hours. The cafe which was recently opened, was accused of turning a blind eye to how customers were treating its bunnies. 

According to TikToker, @_that.artgirl, children at the cafe were openly terrorising the rabbits when she was dining there. The rabbits were supposedly dragged around and bounced on the benches and tables. 


They were even forcefully pushed into little holes and made to dance on tables as if they were puppets. And the children’s parents were no better as some even helped to grab the rabbits for their children to forcefully play with them. 

“The useless parents of these devil spawns just sat and watched, or played with their phones. Or participated in forcefully grabbing the rabbits and forcing them still be patted by their children,” said the TikToker angrily

She added that “there was no house rules at all and no one cared.”


She then notified the restaurant’s staff about the incident. But to her surprise, they did not do much. 

“The staff was more obsessed with making sure you don’t change your seats, and ordering food and drinks than actually caring for the animals.” 

As such, she was left to take matters into her own hands. She, in fact, had to intervene three times within the span of 20 minutes. 

“The parents just pretended I didn’t say anything to their child. It was heartbreaking to watch. As I was leaving, they had more and more people coming in, the staff didn’t think to tell them that they were full,” she added. 


She also highlighted how the customers were not briefed on how to carefully handle the sensitive rabbits. 

Upon leaving, she not only left a negative review on Google but also reported it to the Society For The Prevention of Cruelty To Animals (SPCA). Her review, however, was allegedly removed. 

Official rules to follow 

Following her posting, the eatery has since responded to the allegations, explaining their side of the story. They confirmed that the customers were indeed mistreating the rabbits. However, the staff were trying their best to stop this. 

The Rabbit Cafe

They noted that they tried to tell the children to stop running around and parents to stop treating the eatery like their own house. They even tried to take the rabbits away but were scolded by the parents. 

A meeting was then held after and the management agreed it was best to implement new house rules. Customers are now no longer allowed to run around, grab, catch, and lift the rabbits. Instead, they are only allowed to pet the forehead and the back of the rabbits. 

Parents should monitor their children at all times and educate them about the house rules. Otherwise, they will be advised to leave.

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