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Local Man Buys iPhone 14 With 50 Cent Coins That He Saved Up For 7 Years

Local Man Buys iPhone 14 With 50 Cent Coins That He Saved Up For 7 Years

His 7 years’ worth of savings totaled up to RM5,360.

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A local man is going viral online after buying an iPhone 14 with his 7 years’ worth of 50 cent savings. Muhammad Hafiz Abdul Hamid who saved his 50 cent coins in a 19-litre water bottle, bought the mobile device with his savings which came up to RM5,360. 

“The result of seven years of saving. Alhamdulillah (praise be to God).” wrote the 30-year-old in his video caption. 

As seen in his TikTok, Hafiz along with his family members counted the savings in his living room. They were seen initially pouring the coins out from the bottle. However, due to its narrow opening, they had to instead use a saw to cut the bottle open.


According to Hafiz, it took them about three hours to finish calculating the coins, which totaled up to RM5,360, which he used to purchase the iPhone 14. 

Hafiz himself was amazed at the total number since he merely started this as a hobby back in 2016. 

“In the beginning, I placed them in mugs and biscuit containers, but as the amount increased over the years. I saved them in the huge water container,” he said in his conversation with mStar Online. 


In addition, the Penang native who works as a housekeeping supervisor, also revealed that he would trade ringgit notes for 50 cent coins with his family and friends. 

Mystery solved 

Netizens in the comment section were naturally taken aback by Hafiz’s impressive saving skills. Users were amazed at how dedicated and disciplined he was throughout the seven years. Many indeed expressed their aspirations to be like him. 

Others were joking that Hafiz was the reason why the 50-cent coin was reduced over the years. This surprise was somewhat shared by the various local banks he would visit. 


After counting the coins, Hafiz visited six local banks to exchange the coins for notes. The banks, who were also surprised, had to turn him down due to the large amount. 

“The banks said their machines cannot take so much coins or else they will break down,” he said when asked about the numerous trips to the banks. 

The last time 

His hobby may have gained him a strong impression online. Hafiz, however, is looking to quit his hobby soon. After seven years of religiously saving up coins, he will no longer do it as a hobby as he found the process tiring. 


“Once is more than enough. I am more than happy to be able to own an iPhone 14,” said Hafiz, explaining his reason why. 

But what are your thoughts on this? Do you think it is right for him to quit now? Or should he continue the good fight for his other goals?

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