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[Watch] Elderly Man Found Shivering In The Cold After Motorcycle Mishap

[Watch] Elderly Man Found Shivering In The Cold After Motorcycle Mishap

The elderly gentleman sat alone in the cold after his motorcycle slipped and fell.

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When it comes to fathers, many are moved by emotion, especially when they think of their ageing fathers back in their hometown.

A father’s love for his child is unparalleled. For instance, some fathers are willing to wait outside the office every day just to have lunch with their children.

Recently, a viral video was uploaded on TikTok (@syakirbelon4.0) depicting a heart-wrenching scene where an elderly man was found seated on the road after revealing that his motorcycle had slipped and toppled.

It’s understood that the slippery road, caused by rain, led to a loss of control over his motorcycle, resulting in a minor accident around 5am, leaving his elbow bleeding.

The elderly man also seemed to tremble from the cold when approached by passersby travelling on the same road.

When we inquired, it turns out that this uncle was somewhat confused. He claimed it was evening at 5 in the morning when the sky was still very dark. He mentioned wanting to meet his child in the area heading towards the National Palace.

TikTok User @syakirbelon4.0
Source: TikTok @syakirbelon4.0

A Group of Youths Takes the Elderly Man to the Police Station

Initially, a group of individuals attempted to persuade the elderly man to go to the police station, but he declined, stating he didn’t want to trouble anyone.

However, the situation grew more worrisome when the elderly man’s phone ran out of battery, and it was likely that the motorcycle brakes had been damaged.

Due to their concern for the elderly man’s condition, they brought him to the police station in their car.

At this point, one of us had to take the motorcycle because it was too perilous for the uncle to ride with broken motorcycle brakes.

TikTok User @syakirbelon4.0

Finally, the elderly man was safely handed over to the authorities for assistance.

Alhamdulillah, we handed the uncle over to the authorities for assistance. We hope everything goes smoothly for him.

TikTok User @syakirbelon4

The video has garnered significant attention, with 1.2 million views at the time of writing this article.

In the comments section of the video, many netizens expressed their emotions after watching the footage, as it reminded them of their fathers.

Meanwhile, netizens also expressed gratitude towards the individuals who aided the elderly man in his time of need following the solo accident.

To those who still have parents, cherish them by checking on them regularly. There may be matters they keep to themselves to spare you from worry. Pay them a visit back from time to time.

Remember to appreciate them while they are still with us.

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