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Young Girl Turns Herself In After Stealing From Parents 

Young Girl Turns Herself In After Stealing From Parents 

Her father persuaded her to go to the police station.

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A 10-year-old girl is going viral online for turning herself in to the police after stealing from her parents. The young girl who was caught stealing 800 yuan (RM511), was accompanied by her father when she made the report. 

The girl from China surnamed Zhang, went to a police station near her home to confess her crime. “My dad told me to turn myself in,” she told the officers. 

The two officers, Jiang Huoming and Dong Zhuting, then asked her what was her crime. To which she replied with a backstory, explaining that her family owned a convenience store from where she often bought snacks.

However, her father had become worried about her health and barred her from how much she could eat. Discouraged, the young girl devised a plan with her friends to sneakily continue eating her favourite snacks. 

Her plan involved her stealing money from her parents and then getting her classmates to buy the snacks for her. Her plan proved to be somewhat successful as she stole over 800 yuan (RM511) in total. 

Hence, her father was shocked and wanted to teach her a lesson. Therefore, he took her to the police station. 

“If she takes money from home now, she will steal from others when she grows up. I don’t want my daughter to go down the path of crime,” he told the police.

Officer Dong agreed to help when he heard the father’s plea. He demanded the girl to write a promise to herself to never repeat the same mistake. 

“If you are determined to correct your mistakes, let’s make a pledge and write a promise letter. We can correct them step by step,” she told Zhang. 

Zhang agreed and then began writing the letter. After 10 minutes, she passed it over to the officers. 

The letter read: “I will no longer take my mum and dad’s money, and I will not deceive anyone. I will study diligently and stop playing during class. I will complete my homework on time every day.”

Zhang was sobbing while reading the letter out loud. After reading, she signed her name alongside Officer Dong, who acted as the witness. 

The interaction was then concluded with Zhang’s apology to her father. Officer Dong also made a promise to her. 

“We pinky swear that from today, we will work together to gradually correct our mistakes and uphold our promises. You will always be an honest kid with integrity.” 

A+ parenting

The story has since resonated with many netizens on social media. Since it was reported, many have been applauding the officers for collaborating with the father to teach the young girl a lesson. 

Many praised the father for his parenting skills and were glad that he took such measures to correct his daughter’s mistake.

“When children make mistakes, they require parents who gently and patiently guide them. Such parents are the guiding lights on a child’s path to growth,” wrote one user. 

Do you agree with what the father did? Do you think it was the right thing to do or was it too extreme? 

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