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Malaysia Is Better Than Singapore In Work-Life Balance… Says A Singaporean

Malaysia Is Better Than Singapore In Work-Life Balance… Says A Singaporean

A Singaporean business strategist says he prefers working in Malaysia rather than Singapore due to the work-life balance.

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It is no secret that many Malaysians have moved to Singapore for better opportunities. Given the country’s prosperous state, it is understandable why some Malaysians make the move to go there. But for one Singaporean, staying put in Malaysia seems like a better option. 

The Singaporean man named Haiyumulqayum Salim argued that when it comes to a quality life, Malaysia triumphs over the Lion City. To prove his point, Haiyumulqayum compared his lifestyle to his Malaysian friend. 

He explained how he can meet his friends and family more as compared to his Singaporean peers. 

“My Malaysian friend has a life and gets to see his family and children. He can watch his kids grow up and has time for friends. On the other hand, my Singaporean friend sometimes can’t even see his kids for the whole week,” said the Singaporean in a TikTok video.

@hasanithnin TikTok

And since working here in Malaysia as a business marketing strategist, Haiyumulqayum has also said his mental health has been great. 

“Working in Malaysia gives better peace of mind, as it is not as fast-paced as Singapore,” he added. 

But when confronted about the economic benefits of living in Singapore, Haiyumulqayum said it is a myth as it is only due to the currency difference. 

“In Singapore, the base salary is SGD1,500 (RM5,000), and in Malaysia, the base salary is also RM1,500. So, it’s actually the same, and the only reason we think the pay is high is because we exchange SGD1,500 for the local currency. 

“When I say the pay is the same, it’s because a Malaysian who works in Singapore still has to pay for food, MRT, and bus. And in Malaysia, I have a friend who also makes RM1,500 but what’s different is how he lives his life,” he said. 


Since airing his views on TikTok, many netizens in the comments section have come forth to give their two cents. While some strongly agree, others dispute his statement. 

One user agreed, writing how difficult it was for him to find balance in his life while working in Singapore. 

“You leave for work at 4:30 am and go home at 11 pm. You barely have the time to shower, eat and rest,” they wrote. 

Another chimed in, writing “I agree. Work is important, but the joy of life is bigger.” 


Whereas, two others disputed his statement, claiming how the Singaporean currency has drastically improved their lives. According to one user, since moving, they have been able to pay for her car and house. 

“I worked in Malaysia and I was not able to pay for my car and house. But after moving to Singapore, I have been able to pay for my house and car. And plus, I also have extra cash.” 


Whereas, another netizen stated that it is different for everyone, especially for bachelors. “Hi guys, individual people have different perspectives. SG $ is definitely bigger than RM. It makes a lot of difference if you are single.”

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