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[UPDATED] Viral Video Shows Girl Assaulted By Group, Believed To Be In Malaysia

[UPDATED] Viral Video Shows Girl Assaulted By Group, Believed To Be In Malaysia

The victim’s tearful apologies fell on deaf ears as the assailants continued their attack.

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[Update] Police have confirmed receiving a report concerning a viral video depicting a woman being assaulted on the stairs in George Town, Penang.

The report was filed by a 51-year-old man on July 30 at 10 pm, who claimed that the victim was his daughter.

Northeast district police chief ACP Soffian Santong said according to the man, his 24-year-old daughter has not been living at home since December 2022 due to family issues. He does not know where his daughter is and said she could not be contacted. The dad filed the report as he is worried about her safety.

Cops have not been able to ascertain the exact location of the incident.

The case is being investigated under Section 147 of the Penal Code (rioting) and Section 233 of the Communications and Multimedia Act 1998 (wrongful use of network services).

In his statement, Soffian also advised the public not to share the video recording to avoid any speculation. The police also urged those with information about the incident to contact any police station to assist in the investigation.

A distressing five-minute-forty-second video depicting a group of individuals, believed to be Malaysian teens, assaulting a girl, has been rapidly circulating on Facebook since 30 July. The video was uploaded by a Facebook user, whose bio mentions that he lives in Kuala Lumpur, at 3.29 pm on Sunday.

In the video, a female voice speaking Mandarin accuses the victim of having slept with someone, to which the victim repeatedly apologises. Despite her apologies, the group proceeds to physically attack her, slapping and kicking her while she sits with her back against the wall near the staircase. The assault is so severe that her head almost strikes the sharp edges of the staircase on multiple occasions.

“Let me ask you, will you report this (assault) to the police?” a female voice can be heard as asking, to which the victim replies she will not go to the authorities.

Judging from the accents of both the assailants and the victim, it is believed that they are Malaysians. Despite the victim’s apologies, the group continues attacking her by slapping and kicking her. A person behind the camera can be heard saying that they should not have kicked her face.

“Why say sorry now, but not when you are sleeping with someone?” asks a person before proceeding to hit the victim’s head.

Another girl can be seen using a slipper to smack the victim, who continues murmuring that she will not sleep with that person again. 

When the victim kneels to apologise after taking a puff from a cigarette lit by the group, several assailants kick her again.

“You are not wrong, but I just don’t like your face,” says a person to the kneeling victim.

The assailants continue to berate and harm her, leaving her with bloodshot and bruised eyes, while she attempts to remove contact lenses. The victim also gives the passcode to her smartphone when asked by a person behind the camera.

The person who uploaded it acknowledged that the video has made news on Oriental Daily.

China Press reported that the uploader mentioned in the comment section that they have reported the incident to the police, but the comment has since been deleted.

The video has amassed over three million views with 22,000 likes, and the comment section has been restricted.

Media outlets have reached out for further information, but responses are yet to be received. This appalling incident has sparked widespread outrage, with demands for swift action from authorities. As of now, the police have not issued an official statement on the case.

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