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Malaysian Movie Tells The True Story Of Black Hawk Down

Malaysian Movie Tells The True Story Of Black Hawk Down

The movie tells the true story of Malaysian soldiers rescuing United States troops in Somalia when their Black Hawk helicopter was shot down in 1993.

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The highly anticipated film “Malbatt: Misi Bakara” is set to hit cinemas nationwide on 24 August, bringing a new standard to the Malaysian film industry.

The film’s director and producer, Adrian Teh, hopes it will inspire patriotism among Malaysians and encourage them to appreciate the sacrifices made by security personnel to keep the country safe.

Speaking at the film’s launch event at GSC Mid Valley on Tuesday (30 May), Teh said to have directed this film and having it released during the month of Merdeka is one of the strategies to cultivate the national spirit and patriotism among the people.

“Malbatt: Misi Bakara” is based on a true story about a rescue operation to save American soldiers trapped in the Somali civil war, depicted in the 2001 American film Black Hawk Down.

The film collaborates with the Malaysian Army and six major production companies, including Berjaya Pictures, Act 2 Pictures, Fast Bikes, Aurum Investments Limited, Golden Screen Cinemas, and Astro Shaw.

The filming was done in a city called Gaziantep, south of Turkey.

Actor Adlin Aman Ramli, who plays the character of Colonel Rahman in the film, has high hopes for its box-office success.

While the cost of production exceeds RM20 million, the ticket collection is expected to be no less than RM60 million.

Adlin said the number is realistic based on previous local movies such as Mat Kilau, which collected RM47 million at the box office in just 11 days of simultaneous screenings in Malaysia, Brunei, and Singapore.

Malaysian Troops’ Involvement In the Black Hawk Down Incident

The Black Hawk Down incident in 1993 involved US forces on a mission to capture Somali warlord Mohamed Farrah Aidid and Somali militias.

The mission was intended to be a quick in-and-out operation, but it became a prolonged battle lasting over 15 hours.

The Black Hawk Down incident involved Malaysian troops from the Malaysian Battalion (MALBATT) of the United Nations Operation in Somalia II.

The rescue mission was carried out with the United States Rangers and the Delta Forces command.

The Malaysian soldiers played a significant role in rescuing injured American soldiers.

Corporal Mat Aznan Awang was killed in action, while nine other Malaysian soldiers were injured.

Still, their contribution was not accurately portrayed in Black Hawk Down.

The fact was that the roles of the Malaysian troops were disregarded in the movie.

The sacrifice made by the Malaysian soldiers was not acknowledged by the Americans until some 20 years later.

The Truth Behind “Black Hawk Down”.

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