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Hari Raya Comes Early For Woman Who Transfers RM1K By Mistake

Hari Raya Comes Early For Woman Who Transfers RM1K By Mistake

She decided not to report the mistake to the bank.

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A woman transferred RM1,000 to the wrong bank account by mistake.

However, due to her introverted personality, she dared not contact the bank or call the police.

Since the festive celebration is near, she wrote off the loss as ‘duit Raya’.

The woman, who goes by the username “@nodrohzomono” on Twitter, shared about it on social media.

Netizens urged the woman to report to the bank immediately, as RM1,000 is not a small amount.

They pointed out that she only needed to report the case to the police and then contact the bank, and they would do the rest.

The woman said she would follow the advice because too many messages asked her to contact the bank to try and get back the RM1,000.

Can You Get Money Back?

A bank transfer (international or domestic) works as a one-way process.

Once the process has been completed, nothing can be done to reverse or cancel the process.

The first thing to do after transferring money to the wrong account is to get in touch with your bank to inform them what has happened.

Ensure you have all your details handy (including details of the transaction).

Your bank should act within two working days, and they would contact the bank that received the money and ask for it to be returned.

You will also need the account holder’s permission to reverse the transaction because the money is now theirs. 

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