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“Did You Go To University?”, Interviewer Shares Shocking Conversation With Rude Job Seeker

“Did You Go To University?”, Interviewer Shares Shocking Conversation With Rude Job Seeker

The interviewer was so appalled by the job seekers’ attitude that he decided to post the chat online.

Fernando Fong

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As the economy fully reopens after two years of the Covid-19 pandemic, many Malaysians are eager to look for greener pastures and find jobs.

Recently, a recruiter shared his encounter with a rude job seeker who, far from trying his/her best to impress the interviewer, was indifferent and callous.

Recruiter surprised with jobseeker’s behaviour

Netizen Zaim Al-Amin recently shared his recent experience with a job seeker, a fresh graduate looking for a senior content creator role.

Zaim took to Twitter to post a screenshot of the interactions between him and a job seeker.

The jobseeker thought that he/she might make a good candidate for the position due to high marks in the FYP (final year project) that they received during their studies.

Confused, Zaim asked in reply what “FYP” meant which agitated the job seeker.

Zaim was also surprised and taken aback when a job seeker asked, “Did you go to university?”

The job seeker also demanded to know the salary and whether the working hours can be flexible.

Zaim, who is also the co-founder of the company, decided to cut the interview short.

He also advised the jobseeker to work on his/her character.

Opinions Divided

The challenge is not possessing the right experience, but the right attitude.

Netizens criticised the jobseeker for their rude and discourteous behaviour.

They said there is absolutely no need to be rude and disrespectful not just to recruiters but in all aspects of life.

Netizens said job seekers should uphold professionalism and treat everyone with an appropriate attitude. 

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Netizens also commented that the jobseeker should not have contacted the recruiter directly without permission.

On the other hand, some said that times have changed and so do the motivation and behaviours of those looking for work.

They said it’s no longer about whether recruiters consider something rude or not – it’s about what the young Turks consider rude. 

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