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Employer Shocked At Job Seeker’s Rude Reply, But Is He Totally At Fault?

Employer Shocked At Job Seeker’s Rude Reply, But Is He Totally At Fault?

The job candidate claimed that the employer was also rude for responding late.

Adeline Leong

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Jobs are both hard to fill and place but once in a while companies come across rude job seekers who don’t seem interested in actually getting hired.

Before these job seekers could even get an interview, their own behaviours have already disqualified them from being in the running.

Recently, a Facebook user Yong Lin Teh posted up a job offer for a Business Development role for his company. To inquire more about the role, applicants are told to Whatsapp him with the given number.

An interested job seeker sent their CV and explained that they have experience in a big company in business development roles.

Before Yong could compose a reply, the job seeker showed his ugly side simply because Yong took a long time to reply.

Hello?????? Can’t even be bothered to respond? Do you have to be this fucking rude?

The job seeker sent in Whatsapp

Yong apologised but said he did not appreciate the way the job seeker followed up on the job application.

Unfortunately, the job seeker couldn’t see the irony and sent the following message.

Whatever dude. Stop being rude to your candidates.

The job seeker responded.

Yong politely told the job seeker that he wouldn’t hire him to fill the sales position because they didn’t show professionalism.

Yong added that in the Sales role, the job seeker would be facing delayed calls and replies from customers due to other commitments.

Since the job seeker displayed neither patience nor good manners, Yong said the role wasn’t suitable for him and wished him the best of luck job hunting.

Is the job seeker totally at fault?

Netizens were shocked by the job seeker’s audacity for feeling entitled and replying rudely.

A netizen said at least Yong could see the job seeker’s ugly attitude now than later in the job.

But is the job seeker entirely at fault? While the job seeker was rude, netizens think Yong was partially at fault too. Learning curves, everyone.

Netizens pointed out that it was also disrespectful of Yong to reply in that timeframe. Responding on time is also a courtesy to job applicants.

Yong could have quickly sent a message to acknowledge that the message was received and he would reply later.

While it’s easy to point the blame on entitled job seekers, there are also entitled bosses too. The problem starts when people resort to rudeness and lose empathy.

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