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Lifetime Pension From Socso For Widow Of Security Guard Attacked In Viral Video

Lifetime Pension From Socso For Widow Of Security Guard Attacked In Viral Video

E. Philomena, the wife of late S. Thava Sagayam, also received a one time payment of RM12,737 and funds for the burial ceremony.

Maya Suraya

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The wife of the deceased security guard who was assaulted on duty in December last year was given a total of RM14,737 today (3 September) and a lifelong pension from the Social Security Organisation (Socso) for his death after he suffered head injuries on the job.

E. Philomena, 59, told reporters that her husband, the late S. Thava Sagayam, was the sole breadwinner and that she doesn’t have children to support her.

Grateful for the financial relief

Philomena did not expect she would get the aid and expressed her gratitude to Socso and the Human Resources Ministers Datuk Seri M. Saravanan for the benefits, as well as Ipoh Barat MP M. Kulasegaran for helping out from the start, including sending her essential supplies weekly.

Of the total sum of RM14,737, Saravanan said RM2,000 was for the burial ceremony while the other RM12,737 was a one-off payment as Thava was bedridden in the hospital for about six months.

Thava’s recent employers did not contribute to Socso

Although Thava’s recent employer did not contribute to Socso, Philomena is still entitled to the benefit as the previous employers had.

In a statement by Socso, Philomena will receive a lifelong pension of RM1,143.90 every month. 

What is Socso?

Socso is a monthly contribution deducted from one’s monthly payslip and gives workers a form of workplace insurance.

Apart from receiving free medical treatment when sustaining work-related injuries, Socso also covers and pays reimbursement to an employee who is temporarily or permanently disabled and not able to earn a salary during that period. 

An employee who suffers from a permanent disability is eligible for a benefit that is 90% of the employee’s average assumed daily wage and would be paid a lump sum or a mixed portion of the amount in a monthly subsistence allowance for a person’s whole life. 

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