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“Encik Polis, Catch This Car Behind Me” Instant Karma As Ambulance Driver Calls Out Tailgater

“Encik Polis, Catch This Car Behind Me” Instant Karma As Ambulance Driver Calls Out Tailgater

A clip is being widely shared on social media of an ambulance driver and police car giving another driver what they deserve.

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Unfortunately, the sight of some inconsiderate driver tailgating an ambulance in an emergency situation is not uncommon on Malaysian roads.

While these selfish drivers usually get away with their selfish behaviour, this time we have the tale of the police nabbing one such driver after the ambulance driver alerted the police.

In a viral clip shared on Twitter, a black sedan is seen tailgating an ambulance weaving through traffic with the sirens wailing.

Credit: @anthraxxxx/Twitter

As the emergency vehicle drove past a police car, the ambulance driver immediately called out to the officers on the loudspeaker. “Encik Polis tolong tahan tangkap yang belakang ni polis, dia ikut daripada tadi”, he said in Bahasa.

Encik Polis, please stop this car behind me please. They’ve been following me since just now.

The police car immediately sprung to action and cornered the tailgater as the ambulance drove away.

Needless to say, Malaysians online were absolutely delighted by this act of instant karma.

“I feel so satisfied watching this video,” wrote one Twitter user, while another said, “Yessss … a lot of people like to tailgate an ambulance. Good job, bro ambulance.”

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You can actually lose your license if you don’t give way to an emergency vehicle.

According to the Road Transport Department (JPJ), it is an offence if you fail to give way to a government vehicle such as ambulances, bomba, police or customs department vehicles.

A RM300 compound will be issued for each offence, along with 8 demerit points. If you collect more than 20 demerit points within 5 years, your driving license will be revoked.

You also cannot break the law to give way to an emergency vehicle, like driving through a red light.

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