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World Would Only Return To Normal Once Covid-19 Vaccine Is Found, Says UN

World Would Only Return To Normal Once Covid-19 Vaccine Is Found, Says UN

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The United Nations (UN) believes that the world would only return to normal once a vaccine for the Covid-19 virus is found.

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres hopes that an effective vaccine would be found by the end of 2020 and calls upon the world to accelerate its development and make it accessible to all.

The Secretary explains that an ambitious international cooperative effort is needed to ensure the speed and scale to which a vaccine can be deployed in order for the world to control the pandemic and save lives.

How close are we to a vaccine?

Developing an effective vaccine for a virus, naturally takes time.

International scientists, physicians, funders and manufacturers under the coordination of the World Health Organization (WHO) are currently working toward speeding up that process.

The Global Influenza Surveillance and Response System (GISRS) has been an essential part of international cooperation against influenza outbreaks around the world.

Influenza virus constantly mutates and circulates around the world, causing waves of seasonal flu each year.
(Credit: Fusion Medical Animation/Unsplash)

This global scientific network works to gather and analyze virus samples and data across the globe in order to respond to seasonal flu, epidemics, pandemics and zoonotic influenza, such as the Covid-19 virus.

According to the WHO, there are currently 70 vaccines for Covid-19 under development and in various stages of evaluation.

Though some experts predict that a viable vaccine would be made available within 12 to 18 months, others worry that it might take longer.

Reportedly, countries around the globe are already proceeding with trials for the Covid-19 vaccine.

Coronavirus: China moves swiftly into developing Covid-19 vaccines ...
China, the United States, Australia, and even Singapore are moving ahead with trials for the Covid-19 vaccine.
(Credit: Reuters/The Straits Times)

However, there are rising concerns that international politics are not only hindering the development of a vaccine but would also result in a monopoly scenario where rich, developed countries would diverge vaccine supplies away from poorer nations, limiting its distribution and overall effectiveness at fighting the global plague.

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