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People In The UK Are Setting Fire To Telco Masts Over Fears That 5G Causes Covid-19

People In The UK Are Setting Fire To Telco Masts Over Fears That 5G Causes Covid-19

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If we were worried that Malaysians had questionable beliefs about the novel coronavirus, then at least we should be thankful the conspiracy theory that 5G causes Covid-19 has not yet reached our shores.

Fake news has been a problem in Malaysia, but at most our fake news just made everyone drink more water and stay hydrated.

In the UK, a dangerous conspiracy theory linking the new roll-out of 5G wireless communications technology to Covid-19 has taken hold.

Zealous believers are setting fire to telecommunications towers and radio masts, threatening broadband engineers, and destroying mobile phone equipment.

During a pandemic, mobile communication and connectivity has never been more important. Almost everyone is relying on the internet to work from home, keep updated with news, and stay in touch with loved ones.

No internet, no life.
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To intentionally damage telecommunications infrastructure is reckless and harmful, particularly since the conspiracy theory is absolutely baseless.

Covid-19 is spread by a novel coronavirus that attacks the human respiratory system. 5G is the fifth generation of wireless communications technologies supporting cellular data networks. The world isn’t cyberpunk enough for these two vastly distinct concepts to overlap yet.

Right now, Malaysians are doing a good job with a 99% compliance rate to the movement control order. As such, we’ve seen the rate of infection flatten out, though it does also mean we must continue with due diligence.

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