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Famous UK Couple Communicates With Police, Submits Evidence For ‘Discounted’ RM100 Fine

Famous UK Couple Communicates With Police, Submits Evidence For ‘Discounted’ RM100 Fine

The police have apologised to the couple for the incident.

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A couple of tourists from the United Kingdom who were fined by a traffic police officer for speeding have confirmed that they have communicated with the Royal Malaysia Police (PDRM).

Chris Fisher and his wife Marianne, who run a travel channel called “TREAD the Globe”, posted on their social media pages that evidence related to the incident has been provided to the police.

They have found themselves at the center of a public discourse on police conduct in Malaysia following the traffic stop incident that was captured and shared on their platform.

Chris and Marianne have publicly acknowledged the overwhelming support from their viewers.

Despite being unable to respond to each message, they expressed gratitude for the solidarity shown.

Chris and Marianne have made it clear that their fondness for Malaysia remains unaltered.

They assured their followers that this experience would not deter them from returning to the country they have grown to love.

Clearing the Air Amidst Public Scrutiny

The police department has issued an apology to the vloggers and assured that an exhaustive investigation is underway, confirming that no speeding ticket was pending.

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This incident has reignited conversations about police integrity in a country where corruption perceptions have historically tarnished the image of law enforcement.

Additionally, the police image has also been battered by a series of crimes involving the men in blue lately, including accusations of rape, beating and fraud.

These controversies have challenged public trust in the authorities.

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Global Adventures and the Power of Community: The Impact of Due Process in Malaysia

As ‘TREAD the Globe’ continues to share their global adventures, their recent experience in Malaysia serves as a reminder of the importance of due process and fairness, not just for travelers but for all citizens.

The couple’s experience is a testament to the power of community support and the potential for positive change when incidents are brought to light.

The police’s response will be closely watched by an international audience, awaiting further updates from Chris and Marianne.

The Inspector-General of Police (IGP), Tan Sri Razarudin Husain, emphasizes that the police will never compromise with officers who fail to properly supervise their subordinates.

@pdrmsia_rasmi [VIDEO PILIHAN] PART I: AMANAT KPN SEMPENA PERJUMPAAN KHAS BERSAMA KEPIMPINAN TERTINGGI PDRM DAN KPD SEMENANJUNG MALAYSIA Ikuti sedutan rakaman amanat oleh Ketua Polis Negara (KPN), IG Tan Sri Razarudin Husain ketika perjumpaan khas beliau bersama Kepimpinan Tertinggi Polis Diraja Malaysia (PDRM) dan Ketua-ketua Polis Daerah (KPD) dari seluruh Semenanjung Malaysia di Dewan Ahmad Shah, Maktab PDRM, Cheras, Kuala Lumpur. Tan Sri Razarudin menegaskan bahawa PDRM tidak akan sesekali berkompromi dengan pegawai pemerintah atau penyelia yang gagal menyelia anggota bawahannya dengan baik.

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