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[Watch] Surprise! There Are Concerts In Kelantan And It’s Usually Held At Buddhist Temples

[Watch] Surprise! There Are Concerts In Kelantan And It’s Usually Held At Buddhist Temples

A Twitter user explained that the concerts featuring Thai female singers are usually held on temple (Wat) grounds for festivals such as the Kathin Ceremony.

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A video allegedly showing Thai female singers holding a concert in a crowded venue in Tumpat, Kelantan, has confounded netizens since it was unexpected to find concert performances in a PAS-led state.

This is because PAS is famously known for asking concerts to be cancelled in Kuala Lumpur. The latest was the fuss they made over the Coldplay concert and the Bollywood artist’s concert.

So, what concert is it in the video?

A Twitter user, Hock Ann (@hock_ann26), sheds some light on the situation. Identifying as a Kelantanese Chinese and Buddhist, Hock Ann said the concerts are usually held at Buddhist temple (Wat) compounds to celebrate Thodkathin, also known as the Kathina Ceremony.

He explained that the concert is only open to temple guests and non-Muslims but it doesn’t mean outsiders couldn’t join in.

Hock Ann said the celebration is held annually and it was a norm growing up in Kelantan. He said there were no issues with PAS all this time.

Now that more people know about this in Kelantan, he hopes that those who want to debate the issue to do so without affecting the Kelantanese Chinese who identify as Buddhists.

He reiterated that the concert was held behind closed doors for temple guests and it had never been an issue with the state government.

Netizens thanked him for taking the time to explain what went on in the video. Meanwhile, another netizen said the video might finally help people realize that Malaysia is a multicultural and multireligious country.

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