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MP, ADUN Priority Parking at Hulu Langat District Office Sparks Debate – Altimet Cool With Giving Up Spot

MP, ADUN Priority Parking at Hulu Langat District Office Sparks Debate – Altimet Cool With Giving Up Spot

The VIP parking at the District Office mostly remains unused.

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Twitter user @rezarazali posted a picture of the Hulu Langat District and Land Office when he was there earlier this morning.

He noticed that there were 10 special (VIP) parking lots for Members of Parliament (MP) and State Assembly Members (ADUN) in front of the office.

Based on his observation, he noticed elderly folks coming to the office after having to park far away. He even took a picture of the situation as proof.

The location of the VIP parking which was closer to the entrance made @rezarazali wonder. He found it puzzling because MPs and ADUNs are not at the district office all the time and they are usually healthy people who wouldn’t have a problem walking.

Because of that, he believes that the said parking lot should be reprioritised for the ones who really need it.

His tweet went viral and garnered 317.1K views and 1,700 likes at the moment of writing.

Altimet supports opinion & gave his parking away

Lembah Jaya assemblyman (ADUN) Altimet responded to the tweet and agreed with Reza’s opinion.

He said that as an ADUN, he hasn’t even used the parking lot dedicated to him there, even though he has just been in service for over a month.

He suggested that the courtesy visits by MPs or ADUNs should be on the schedule. In light of this, he also declared that he would give his parking away at the District Office as long as he’s in service.

Moreover, the distance from the public parking to the entrance is just 50 meters away. Hence, he’ll just walk if he goes there. He said God gave him fully functional legs for a reason.

Hulu Langat District & Land Office Takes Note

A few hours after the tweet went viral, the Hulu Langat District & Land Office (PDTHL) responded to the tweet.

They acknowledge the suggestion regarding the priority parking spaces for senior citizens and the disabled in their office premises. As a matter of fact, they actually have four parking spaces available beside the office complex designated for senior citizens and OKU.

However, given the remark, they’ll try their best to ensure that the parking spaces reserved for Members of Parliament and State Assembly Members are also made accessible to assist senior citizens and OKU customers on days when these political representatives are not present at PDTHL.

Netizens couldn’t agree more

Netizens chimed in to express their views in the comment section.

Most of them agree that these parking priority issues should not just apply to the Hulu Langat District Office but to all areas in Selangor.

In fact, other people shared their own experiences and struggles at other government offices. Some didn’t have enough parking and some didn’t have elevators.

Besides that, some of them think that there’s a culture of flattery in our community that excessively looks up to our politicians or high-ranking officers. This culture, at times, can erode the citizen’s critical thinking and common sense.

Additionally, former Pakatan Harapan GE15 candidate and rights advocate, Dr Noraishah Mydin Abd Aziz also responded to the tweet. She voiced that the OKU and elderly should not suffer unnecessarily for issues such as parking.

So, what do you think of this situation? Should the designated parking spot be reprioritised?

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