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Taxi Driver Seen Breaking Another Car’s Wiper After Parking In OKU Spot

Taxi Driver Seen Breaking Another Car’s Wiper After Parking In OKU Spot

The taxi driver was caught on camera committing the two unlawful actions.

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A local taxi driver got in trouble recently after being caught committing two unlawful actions. His actions, which were recorded on CCTV, have since sparked criticism from netizens on Twitter. 

As seen in the video, the man had casually parked his vehicle at an OKU parking spot. Despite not having an OKU sticker, the man decided to freely take up the spot. 


This was until the second driver who was an actual OKU individual, showed up and exercised his rights to the designated parking. 

Furious at the second driver, the taxi driver quickly got into his car and reversed his vehicle from the area. He then came out of his car and did the unthinkable – where he ripped out the OKU driver’s wipers out of anger. 

As such, the man not only chose to illegally park at an OKU spot but also chose to disrupt an individual’s property, which led him into hot waters with the internet. 


Furious with his entitlement 

Netizens indeed were criticising him for his entitlement and rude behaviour towards the OKU driver. They found him to be irrational since it was against the law to park at an OKU parking lot. Many indeed have been tagging the authorities to take action against him. 

But as of now, no new information has surfaced regarding the incident. It is unclear if the perpetrator has been apprehended.

Regardless, let this be a reminder to us to never irresponsibly park at an OKU spot. And hopefully, the authorities will quickly look into this case. 

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