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Widow Of Syed Danial Shares Life’s Struggles In Impactful Statement

Widow Of Syed Danial Shares Life’s Struggles In Impactful Statement

Syed Muhammad Danial Syed Syakir’s wife shared her victim impact statement on Instagram.

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In 2019, the nation was startled by the death of bank manager Syed Muhammad Danial Syed Syakir during an altercation with Yew Wei Liang, a former information technology worker, on a highway.

The manager was killed in an altercation with Yew, who was previously charged with murder under Section 302 of the Penal Code, for deliberately colliding with Syed Danial multiple times on the North-South Expressway in Bandar Baru Bangi on 10 August 2019, leading to Syed Danial’s immediate demise.

After four years of trial in court, today, the Shah Alam High Court sentenced Yew to 16 years in prison for causing Syed Danial’s death.

Yew was charged under Section 304(a) of the Penal Code, which provides for imprisonment of up to 30 years and a fine. 

However, the victim’s wife and children are not pleased with the sentence as she views it as unjust.

In response, Syed Danial’s wife, Qistina Ayu Rozhan, opened up about the impact her husband’s brutal passing had on her in court via her Instagram.

Over the past four and a half years, she has grappled with persistent emotional challenges likely to endure throughout her life.


“The anger, the frustration, the sadness, the depression and unbearable pain have been my companions, my silent struggles, for the past years,” she expressed. 

Qistina also recounted the ongoing trauma she faces while commuting to and from work, haunted by the memory of her husband’s fatal encounter on the same road. 

Despite her declining mental health, she continued to care for her daughter, Sharifah Dian Malika, who was only three months old at the time of the incident.

The loss of income from her late husband, Syed Danial, the primary breadwinner, compelled Qistina to intensify her efforts to sustain their lives and settle outstanding debts.

“My husband, my daughter who was just 3 months old, myself & our families have been robbed our entire life, all because of a ‘misunderstanding’ by an angry heart that failed to control his actions.

“Even at the age of 4 years old, she knows that her daddy is in heaven. That doesn’t stop her from wondering. She wonders where her daddy is, and why is he not here with us.. but her friends’ daddies are there with them.. she wishes her daddy is alive so she could play with him all day. 

“It is heartbreaking for me to even picture it, because I know well, one day, I need to break the truth of why her daddy is gone too soon”, she detailed. 

In pronouncing her verdict, Judge Julia Ibrahim stated that the court had considered mitigating factors presented, such as Yew’s background, his cooperation throughout the investigation, and the impact statement from the victim’s family.


As reported by Bernama, Judge Julia said then “At the same time, the court has to emphasise the importance of public interest in such a case and mete out a deterrent sentence that will serve as a lesson to the public, because it started as a road rage case, being driven by anger and dissatisfaction and aggravated by the use of prohibited substances only invites bad consequences.

“The court also weighed the impact statement from the victim’s family and this is indeed a great tragedy that has befallen and impacted all parties, either directly or indirectly,” she said.

His sentence will start from the date of his arrest on 10 August 2019, whereas Qistina commits to navigating life alongside her daughter with resilience and acceptance.

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