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Parents Cleaning Up Muslim Convert Son’s Grave Warms Hearts

Parents Cleaning Up Muslim Convert Son’s Grave Warms Hearts

The couple explained that their son, who died due to cancer four years ago had converted to Islam and married a Muslim woman.

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A parent’s love knows no bounds. From a kid to an adult, devoted parents will always be there for their children no matter what.

From hobbies and life partners to career choices and religion, whatever their children decide, they’ll give their support and advice to them without fail.

A Chinese couple who went viral without realising it recently is proof that blood is thicker than water. Even after death.

Chinese parents still visit their Muslim son’s grave

A Chinese couple has consistently being visiting their son’s grave in a Muslim cemetery as he had converted to Islam many years ago.

Through a post shared by Joy MamaNunai on Facebook on Sunday (1 October), she was at the Sg. Belubuh Muslim Cemetery in Sarawak visiting her parent’s grave when she saw the husband and wife there.

The couple, who are in their 70s, came to clean the grave using bottled mineral water they brought with them.

After that, they were seen meditating for a moment in front of the grave. After they finished, they looked at Joy with a smile.

Joy asked, “Is this your child’s grave?”. They nodded.

The couple explained to her that their son converted to Islam and passed away four years ago. He embraced Islam and married a Malay woman.

But after a while, he had to battle brain cancer which led to his death. They mentioned that they often visit him at the graveyard after his death, even after four years.

The story indirectly made Joy shed a tear of sadness.

“For the love of their child, even though their child converted into a different religion, their love knows no bounds.

“A lesson for us today: unconditional love for our children. Al-Fatihah for their departed child,” she added.

Netizens prayed for their son’s soul

A lot of people saw Joy’s post and expressed their deepest condolences to the family. They also prayed for his soul to be blessed.

Some even told their own story of a similar occurrence they encountered.

“I’ve experienced a similar situation at the Mahmoodiah Cemetery in Johor Bahru. Non-Muslim parents visiting the grave of their Muslim child. It’s such a moving thing to see.”

“Nothing can replace a family’s love. Blood is thicker than water, even though we have different religions. I’m Christian and my brother was a Mualaf. But he’s still my brother no matter what religion. Rest well brother.”

“Even though I have embraced Islam, every time I return to my hometown, I visit the grave of my late mother, who was a Christian. A mother’s love is irreplaceable, and the longing is real. May their souls rest in peace.”

This story goes to show that even in families that have differing religions or ways of life, the relationship is always going to be there. Converting into a new religion or embracing a new lifestyle doesn’t mean it’s the end of the family relationship. It’s up to the individuals to still care and love each other despite their differences.

A family’s bond is indeed, eternal.

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