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[Watch] Food Rider Learns A Good Lesson After Getting Impatient With Disabled Customer

[Watch] Food Rider Learns A Good Lesson After Getting Impatient With Disabled Customer

The food rider got impatient when the customer didn’t answer his calls and the hot weather riled him up inside.

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As humans, sometimes our emotions, especially anger, take over and control our actions. This can lead to issues and cause us more trouble than it’s worth.

This Grab rider’s story is a good reminder that it’s better to control our thoughts and to give someone a benefit of a doubt.

TikTok user Irfan (@irfanrizam_) who works as a food delivery rider was getting angry outside a home when the customer did not answer his calls. He got more annoyed because this meant he had to wait under the hot afternoon sun.

After waiting for a few minutes, he heard a voice inside the house telling him to go through the house gates.

Irfan said he went in with anger in his heart and decided to video record because he didn’t believe the customer was disabled as stated under the Customer Remarks.


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When the customer opened the door, Irfan felt his heart sink and tears welling up when he realized the customer was sitting in a wheelchair because one of his legs had been amputated.

The uncle in the wheelchair had a bright smile on his face because someone else ordered food for him.

Irfan handed the food over to the uncle through the door grill. He felt so silly and guilty for being angry without knowing the full situation at hand first.

He wanted to ask the uncle where were the rest of his family but didn’t because he was too upset and tried to hold back his tears.

The interaction served as a great lesson for Irfan. He asked for forgiveness and apologised for giving in to anger while he waited under the hot sun. He wished all the best for the uncle, including good health.

Netizens learned from Irfan’s experience too

Netizens praised Irfan for sharing his experience and learning from it.

They also noted Irfan’s effort to make sure the food got to the customer despite his annoyance at being made to wait. They praised him because other food riders might have left the food at the gate and left right away.

While Irfan learned about the virtue of patience from this encounter, a netizen said it taught many people the value of gratitude.

Another person said the uncle reminded them of their dad and asked Irfan if they could buy food for the uncle and have Irfan deliver it. Irfan replied affirmatively and told the netizen to drop him a private message to arrange it.

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