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Cheese Tart Buncit Seller Called Out For Racist Reaction After 3.5 Star Rating

Cheese Tart Buncit Seller Called Out For Racist Reaction After 3.5 Star Rating

The cheese tart seller didn’t take it well after a netizen said she didn’t want to buy the tarts due to the poor review from a TikTok user.

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A cheese tart seller has been called out for making racist statements after receiving a low rating from a TikTok user known as Jason or @scaredtodie.

Before the cheese tart seller’s outburst online, Jason visited the Absolut Food Fest to try out the food sold there.

Some of the foods Jason tried at the food festival were cheese “buncit” tarts.

Jason, who said he’s a cheese lover, found that the cheese in the tarts tasted off and didn’t go well with the fillings.

After taking into consideration the taste and price of the tarts, Jason gave it a 3.5 out of 10 rating.


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The seller didn’t take the rating kindly

Everything was ok until the cheese tart seller came across a netizen’s comment saying she didn’t feel like trying the tarts after seeing Jason’s rating.

Instead of taking the comment in stride and improving the recipe, the seller went on a petty and racist-tinged rant on TikTok.

The seller pointed out that Jason is not well known and revealed that out of all positive feedback, they did get a few negative ones.

The seller added that everyone has different tastes, but then said they couldn’t force people who liked “eating short-legged cows (pigs) to eat nasi lemak.”

The seller finished the video by saying it’s not their loss but everyone’s loss if they listen to people like Jason.

Jason has responded to the video and agreed not many people know him. That aside, he agreed that everyone has different tastes and he respects that.

However, he said the seller didn’t need to mention the “short-legged cows” as it indirectly implied that the cheese tarts were only for certain groups to enjoy.

People believe the seller should improve the food quality

Netizens agreed that the seller should not have resorted to racist retorts when the issue was with the quality of the food sold.

Some people said they already felt turned off by the seller’s rude attitude and refused to try the cheese tarts after watching the seller’s reaction video.

Those who have tried the cheese tarts agreed that the taste needed improvement. People advised the seller to do better and take negative feedback as constructive criticism to improve.

They also pointed out that Jason bought and reviewed the food with his own money so he has the right to give honest feedback.

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