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[Watch] Should Makeup Be Allowed In Schools For Special Events?

[Watch] Should Makeup Be Allowed In Schools For Special Events?

Students were told to wear traditional costumes to school to celebrate the Merdeka month and there was supposed to be a catwalk to show off their outfits.

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School rules are meant to maintain discipline and decorum, but they can also be irrational when it’s followed rigidly without sense.

A father of a schoolgirl recently expressed his disappointment at the way a teacher treated his daughter.

The father explained that there was a Merdeka Day celebration in school and students were encouraged to wear traditional outfits for a catwalk show.

His daughter Ammara, who is in Standard 2, excitedly wore a lehenga and applied light makeup on her face to complete the look.

The father and daughter also had a mini photo shoot at home to commemorate the good memory.

@shazliey1 pengamalan dan dugaan yang hebat buat anak papa… Nur Ammara Keysha.. #ammarakeysha #fyppp #fypシ ♬ Instrumen Sedih – Yuda pratama

However, the joy was short-lived when she arrived at school and was stopped at the school gate by a teacher.

The teacher allegedly scolded Ammara and said no makeup was allowed in school. She proceeded to wipe away Ammara’s makeup.

This happened in front of Ammara’s peers and she was understandably upset and embarrassed.

Fortunately for her, her classmates tried their best to console and support her.

Were parents informed?

Ammara’s father claimed that parents weren’t informed that makeup wasn’t allowed for the event in the school’s Whatsapp group. They were only told students had to wear traditional costumes in conjunction with the Merdeka month.

The father tried to reason with the teacher as he found her approach was wrong. While their speech was inaudible in the video, the teacher could be seen aggressively pointing at the father while speaking to him.

The teacher allegedly blamed the other teachers for not informing parents that students weren’t allowed to wear makeup in school.

Ammara’s mother said the headmistress and the other teachers had no issues with students wearing makeup on that day. They were also shocked by the teacher’s reaction.

The issue was settled after a meeting between the parents and the school. Ammara’s father said he had forgiven the teacher and advised everyone to do the same.

He implored the public to stop criticising the teacher and to take this incident as a lesson.

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Who is right? The teacher or the father?

Netizens who agreed with the father said makeup is usually allowed in school for special events such as concerts and celebrations like Merdeka Day celebrations.

Those who had positive experiences during their schooling times echoed the same sentiments. They could not understand the teacher’s reaction to Ammara’s light makeup.

On the other hand, some netizens insisted that makeup was never allowed in school and believed the teacher was right.

People also pointed out that the teacher could have politely told the girl to go home and change or take her somewhere private to help her remove the makeup.

Regardless, the incident showed that while rules are there for a reason, it’s better to heed them with some sense and allow flexibility for special school occasions. It was supposed to be a fun and celebratory day in school after all.

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